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Pine Mountain Road / Westwood Street

Location City of Kingsford and Breitung Township, Dickinson

Award Sub-Recipient Dickinson County Road Commission
Innovation Hot In-place Recycling (HIR) and Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA)
Award Fiscal Year 2014
Project Aspect Construction

The Dickinson County Road Commission and the City of Kingsford are partnering to rehabilitate 4.5 miles of Pine Mountain Road/Westwood Avenue using 2 innovations – recycle in place and warm mix asphalt.

The project goal is to demonstrate and promote state-of-the-art technologies that result in improved safety, faster construction, reduced congestion from construction, improved quality and user satisfaction in a more environmental friendly way, all at a lower cost than traditional construction. The project Owners and Engineers hope this project brings new tools in this process to accelerate project delivery.

Grant Award $697,008
Partner Michigan Department of Transportation and the City of Kingsford
Duration/Status Project is complete and the report is available here.*
Project Contact Lance Malburg, P.E.
Dickinson County Road Commission
(906) 774-1162

*This material is based upon work supported by the Federal Highway Administration under a grant through the Accelerated Innovation Deployment (AID) Demonstration program. The U.S. Government assumes no liability for the use of the information contained in this report. This report does not constitute a standard, specification, or regulation. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this report do not reflect the views of the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Highway Administration does not endorse these materials.


Fawn Thompson
Program Coordinator
(404) 562-3917

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