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FY2014 FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
State 2014 STIC Incentive Projects Funds Allocated
  1. State Historic Architectural and Archeological Database ($40,000)
  2. Development of Standards to Support 3D Modeling ($30,000)
  3. Ground-Penetrating Radar ($30,000)
$ 100,000
  1. Development of Details and Specifications for Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bridge Deck Panel ($85,000)
  2. High Friction Surface Treatment Exchange ($15,000)
$ 100,000
  1. Rumble Strip Installation on Thin Pavement Overlays Compendium
  2. High Friction Surface Treatment Binder Evaluation
$ 100,000
  1. Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Training ($6,000)
  2. 3D Modeling Implementation Plan ($94,000)
$ 100,000
AZ Initiate an Innovation Exchange $ 85,000
  1. Report on Pilot Application of Geospatial Utility Infrastructure Data Exchange (GUIDE)
  2. Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) scan in Missouri and development of DDI guidance document
  3. Development of Construction Manual Guidance & Standard Specification language for utilization of AMG/AMC & Stringless Paving
$ 100,000
VT Development of a Design-Build Guidance Document $ 100,000
  1. Implementation of Quality Environmental Document Manual/Guidance ($60,000)
  2. Local Public Agencies (LPA) Day - Training on the Updated Certification Process ($24,000)
  3. Cost Savings Innovations Best Practices Database ($16,000)
$ 100,000
  1. Development of Design-Build RFP Templates and Design-Build Manual ($80,000)
  2. Regional Stakeholder Partnering Workshops to Establish an LPA "Pilot" Program ($20,000)
$ 100,000
NC Development and implementation of a Local Government Agency Certification Program $ 100,000
  1. Development of performance specifications for Asphalt Mixture Performance Testing for Fatigue and Thermal Cracking ($40,000)
  2. Implementation of Thin Bonded Concrete Overlays of Asphalt Pavements ($19,500)
  3. Development of a "Best Practices" document for Soil Stabilization Design and Construction Procedures ($35,000)
$ 94,500
WY Advancement of the Geospatial Data Collaboration initiative $ 100,000
  1. 3D Modeling Equipment for Construction Verification
  2. Use of Chat Mine Aggregate on a High Friction Surface Treatment
$ 100,000
  1. Implementing Geospatial Data Collaboration and Creating a Programmatic Agreement for historic resources ($45,000);
  2. Facilitating CMGC Training and Hosting a CMGC Workshop ($15,000)
  3. Implementing 3D/4D/5D AutoCAD Infaworks 360 Program ($20,000)
  4. Developing 3D/4D/5D Modeling Standards for Intermodal Projects ($20,000)
$ 100,000
UT Development of a 3D Utility Database $ 100,000
KS Development of standard drawings for low-cost bridge options $ 100,000
NM Creation of a digital experience (via kiosks and mobile devices) and other educational material on the use of Diverging Diamond Interchanges $ 100,000
NV Development of an Implementation Plan for the Nevada DOT Local Public Agency (LPA) Certification Program $ 96,200
AL Development of Procedures and Best Practices for Utilizing 3-D Data for Survey, Design, Visualization and Clash Detection Analysis $ 100,000
  1. Development and Implementation of a Re-vegetation Training Program ($50,000)
  2. Promotion and outreach for the Everyday Ideas initiative for encouraging the use of innovation throughout the transportation community including the local agencies ($20,000)
  3. Development of a framework for a sub-regional ITS Plan (City of Centennial) ($30,000)
$ 100,000
LA Development of an Alternative Delivery Selection Matrix, standardized Request for Qualifications and Statements of Qualifications for Construction Manager at Risk $ 100,000
MS Development an Accelerated Bridge Construction guideline $ 100,000
  1. Traffic Incident Information Exchange, E911 Location Verification and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Integration ($27,000)
  2. Continued refinement of business processes, technologies, and user training in support of the exchange and use of 3D model data for construction ($54,720)
$ 81,720
SC 3D Modeling Equipment for Construction Verification $ 100,000
ID Development of design standards for Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil-Integrated Bridge System technology $ 100,000
  1. Development of standard operating procedures and training course for management and recycling of sodium contaminated stormwater runoff for snow and ice control. ($32,000)
  2. Development of training course for management and disposal of "road kill" as compost. ($48,000)
$ 80,000
IN Development of Intelligent Compaction standard specification for soil embankment and subgrade compaction $ 80,000
OR Advancement of a web-based Categorical Exclusion system $ 100,000
  1. Development and implementation of ProjectWise GIS Connector ($30,000)
  2. Innovation Conference to present low-cost innovative transportation solutions to WSDOT, Local Agencies, and Tribal Governments. ($70,000)
$ 100,000
IL Advancement of 3D Engineered Models $ 100,000
ND Innovation Exchange Campaign $ 100,000
  1. Design and performance verification of a bridge column/footing/pile system for accelerated bridge construction ($56,003)
  2. Develop an implementation plan for using 3D tools for structural detailing ($43,997)
$ 100,000
KY Development and deployment of the Kentucky Utilities and Rail Tracking Systems (KURTS) $ 100,000
SD Development of a Highway ROW Inventory Asset Database (Phase 1) $ 100,000
  1. Development of 3D/4D Modeling and Civil Integrated Management (CIM) Guidance ($70,000)
  2. Development and implementation of a STIC Communication Plan ($30,000)
$ 100,000
MD Development of standard drawings and specifications for low-cost bridge/culvert structures (Prince George's County DPW&T) $ 100,000
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