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State 2016 STIC Incentive Projects Funds Allocated
AK Develop training courses and associated materials to implement quality environmental documentation and NEPA Assignment as standard practices for the State of Alaska $ 100,000
AL Development of standards and specifications for utilization of 3-D Models/Data for construction, including survey, design, and construction procedures $ 100,000
AR Implementation of e-Construction through the use of mobile devices for field personnel $ 100,000
  1. Advanced Hydraulic Modeling Tools ($80,000)
  2. Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Challenge Program ($7,000)
  3. Arizona Road Diets Peer Exchange ($3,000)
  4. Technology and Transportation Summit ($10,000)
$ 100,000
  1. Conduct Accelerated Bridge Construction Outreach ($45,000)
  2. First/Last Mile Innovation Training ($40,000)
  3. Roadway Departure Workshops ($15,000)
$ 100,000
  1. eConstruction – Advancing the Use of Mobile Devices with a Mobile Field Inspection Application ($49,088)
  2. Monitoring Traffic in Work Zones Using Intelligent Traffic Control Devices ($46,400)
$ 95,488
CT Advancing the use of mobile devices for e-Construction in field inspection applications $ 100,000
DC Enhance the functionality of the Work Zone Project Management System $ 80,000
  1. Procurement of an Automated Cylinder End Grinder for the purpose of testing UHPC ($16,000)
  2. Procure and implement a Document Management System (DMS) that can store engineering content at DelDOT ($63,854.40)
$ 79,854
FL Purchase mobile devices for construction field inspection to fully implement e-Construction as a standard practice $ 80,000
GA Advancing the use of mobile devices for e-Construction in field inspection applications $ 100,000
HI Host workshops, develop strategies, and analyze data to integrate accessibility and design into Hawaii transportation decision-making $ 100,000
  1. Expand the use of mobile devices for e-Construction in field inspection applications ($36,000)
  2. Support for the “Innovations in Transportation Conference” ($8,000)
  3. Deployment of Iowa DOT Traffic Operations Open Data Service ($56,000)
$ 100,000
ID Hosting a 2-day workshop to advance 3D Modeling and Automated Machine Guidance $ 97,888
IL Procure equipment, develop training, and provide training to facilitate the implementation of 3-D modeling statewide $ 100,000
IN Implementation of LiDAR-Based Mobile Mapping System for Lane Width Evaluation and Reporting in Work Zones for INDOT Traffic Management $ 100,000
  1. Low Distortion Projection (LDP) ($40,000)
  2. Statewide Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Initiative ($60,000)
$ 100,000
KY Implement an electronic Engineering Policy Guide at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, including development, technology delivery, and training $ 100,000
  1. Advancing 3D modeling by updating Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development’s current InRoads design software standards to meet the requirements of the new OpenRoads software ($38,080)
  2. Improve and integrate Traffic Data for Data Driven Safety Analysis ($28,514)
  3. Improve the partnerships with Local Public Agencies (LPA) through focus group sessions,  partnership meetings, charter development, and recommendations for streamlining ($36,120)
$ 99,714
MA Develop and implement a statewide Construction Project Documentation (CPD) SharePoint System $ 100,000
  1. Establishing Planning and Environment Linkages by incorporating environmental and NEPA-related risks assessments into candidate project screening ($38,400)
  2. Expansion of Maine DOT’s use of mobile devices for E-Construction in field inspection applications ($61,600)
$ 100,000
  1. Develop Data-Driven Safety Analysis (DDSA) guidance ($28,000)
  2. Adopt the use of the Super Air Meter for field testing of fresh Portland cement concrete, including purchasing equipment, training, specification development, and outreach ($72,000)
$ 100,000
  1. Accelerating Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Data Collection by integrating data feeds with Regional Integrated Transportation Information Systems ($60,000)
  2. Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPM) Peer Exchange ($2,490)
  3. Host a Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Summit ($37,370)
$ 99,860
MS e-Construction State’s Construction Manual $ 100,000
MT Implement a statewide data innovation to incorporate resource leveling control practices into the Preconstruction Project Management scheduling application $ 100,000
NC Develop standards and specifications for preventive maintenance and repair of the NCDOT Ferry System in order to implement the principles of asset management $ 87,000
ND Continued Support for the NDDOT’s Transportation Innovation Program (TRIP) $ 100,000
NE Implement Safety & Asset Management (SAM) by providing the hardware, software, training and technical support necessary for the initial development of TAM systems $ 11,200
  1. Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Training ($16,000)
  2. Implement e-Document Storage Solutions, including research, integration, preparing standard operating procedures, developing mobile applications, and training. ($84,000)
$ 100,000
NM Develop and implement a user’s manual to convert LiDAR cloud data to point data in order for AutoCAD to read as a digital terrain model $ 100,000
NV Develop and pilot a “Smarter Work Zone System” for the Nevada DOT $ 100,000
  1. New York STIC Innovation Workshop ($38,000)
  2. Mobile LiDAR Scanning, Data Extraction, Digital Mapping and Modeling of Pedestrian Sidewalk Ramp Locations along a 60 mile segment of Route 25, Long Island, New York ($62,000)
$ 100,000
  1. Hold 12 LPA Days to advance eConstruction, Road Diets, and Data-Driven Safety Analysis with Ohio’s Local Community ($60,000)
  2. Development of a software application utilizing portable devices (smart phone/tablet) for construction contractors to perform required NPDES erosion and sediment control inspections ($40,000)
$ 100,000
OK Develop standard drawings for Precast Concrete Drainage Structures per the AASHTO and ASTM Specifications $ 100,000
OR Implement of the results from a research project to improve ODOT’s Chip Seal Program, including implementation workshops, specification updates, and field demonstrations $ 100,000
PA Local Government Safety Seminar $ 80,000
PR Implementation of a Traffic Management Center, including the acquisition of new and the improvement of existing networking infrastructure $ 100,000
RI Implement the RIDOT e-Construction program, including workshops, training, software purchase and configuration, and purchasing electronic devices $ 100,000
SC Purchase GPS surveying equipment and deliver 3D modeling training $ 100,000
SD Host an innovation exchange with other States $ 72,000
TN Development of Predictive Analytics for HELP Truck Development $ 100,000
UT Advance the Design-Build program to include the use of Progressive Design-Build as an alternative contracting method $ 100,000
  1. Development of standard Specification and drawings for Carbon Fiber Prestressed piles ($30,000)
  2. Installation of wildlife fencing and jump outs designed to guide wildlife into the underpass, including game cameras to verify the effectiveness of the installation ($70,000)
$ 100,000
VT Development of a mapping framework for data integration $ 100,000
WA Develop a program to Bundle Bridge Repair and Replacement Projects $ 100,000


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