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State 2017 STIC Incentive Projects Funds Allocated
AR Purchase and evaluate modern Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) surveying equipment and methods for incorporation into inspection and quality assurance guidelines ($100,000) $ 100,000
  1. Purchase and evaluate 3-D GPS equipped tablets for use in field verification ($19,200)
  2. Purchase and evaluate Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) for use in ADOT Bridge Inspection ($18,100)
  3. Pima Association of Government’s Technology and Transportation Summit ($10,000)
  4. Purchase and use Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) for showcasing ADOT innovations in communication and outreach efforts ($2,700)
  5. Hold a Visioning Workshop for the AZTech Regional Partnership ($10,000)
  6. Hold a 2017 Arizona Council on Transportation Innovation (ACTI) Innovation Day ($24,000)
  7. Provide outreach, communication, facilitation, and coordination for the Arizona Council on Transportation Innovation (ACTI) ($16,000)
$ 100,000
CA Develop an on-line tool with steps, procedures, and check-in points for integrating permit requirements during the project development process $ 50,000
  1. Purchase equipment and implement strategies for a traffic incident safety analysis program in the City of Delta ($20,000)
  2. Implement CDOT's Lean Everyday Ideas for local agencies including guardrail tool kits and asphalt hotboxes ($40,000)
  3. Purchase and install Roadside Weather Information Systems (RWIS) along Weld County Road 49 to communicate road conditions resulting from severe weather with local and state agencies ($40,000)
$ 100,000
  1. Purchase and evaluate advanced Quality Assurance and Quality Control tools for soil and asphalt compaction ($44,300.47)
  2. Enhance the DelDOT Mobile App to provide the ability to send automatic notifications of events, construction, restrictions and closures through geo-fencing technology ($25,917)
  3. Purchase, use, and evaluate Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to develop and refine operations procedures for collecting additional field data for efficient bridge and pavement design ($29,782.53)
$ 100,000
IA In situ modulus measurement using automated plate load testing (APLT) to support the implementation of pavement mechanistic-empirical (ME) design $ 100,000
  1. Provide demonstration workshops on pedestrian safety countermeasures to local governments ($35,000)
  2. Collect and build a digital warehouse to store traffic volume data for a local highway jurisdiction to advance the DDSA initiative in Idaho ($50,000)
KS Develop revised processes and training needed to continue with the implementation of 3D subsurface modeling $ 81,600
LA Evaluate and implement e-construction in inspection and construction documentation activities to determine viability of agency-wide deployment $ 100,000
  1. Provide Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs) Education to signal designers and operators ($64,000)
  2. Provide Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2) Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Training ($16,000)
$ 80,000
  1. Assemble a compendium of Community Connections analysis tools, techniques and resources that supports Michigan's Multi-modal Development and Delivery (M2D2) implementation and recommend revisions to existing guidance ($30,000)
  2. Advance Michigan's Civil Integrated Management (CIM) program through pilot projects, lessons learned, training, and providing recommendations for project PDF and digital delivery of projects ($70,000)
$ 100,000
MS Develop construction inspection expectations and sampling/testing requirements for common projects administered by local public agencies $ 100,000
NC Develop and implement a strategy for Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs) using high resolution data $ 50,000
ND Advance the e-Construction initiative, including combining two required diaries into one “General Project Diary” and adding a general file upload feature to upload, organize and search documents $ 100,000
  1. Develop 2D hydraulic models to be used in a training course and to promote the CHANGE initiative ($17,600)
  2. Develop guidance and procedures for Design-Build Accelerated Project Delivery ($16,000)
  3. Deploy dedicated short range communications (DSRC) infrastructure to respond to the AASHTO's Signal Phasing and Timing Challenge ($66,400)
$ 100,000
  1. Purchase, use, and evaluate Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) with the goal of developing guidance and specifications for bridge inspection and traffic incident monitoring ($47,956)
  2. Hold Local Agency Peer Exchanges for Local Safety Program delivery utilizing Data Driven Safety Analysis tools ($18,564)
$ 66,520
  1. Purchase tablets for construction field inspection to pilot e-Construction on several projects. ($40,000)
  2. Coordinate and sponsor an NHI training session for 2-D Hydraulic Modeling ($15,000)
  3. Develop a mix design for bridge deck overlay utilizing local materials for Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) ($45,000)
$ 100,000
  1. eConstruction – to purchase and evaluate software for use on mobile devices in order to execute work orders and conduct condition inspections ($28,000)
  2. eConstruction and asset management – to develop a sign condition inventory that can be integrated with GIS ($39,427.33)
  3. eConstruction – to purchase and evaluate web-based software for e-Construction for several local municipalities ($26,400)
  4. Local Technical Assistance Program support for EDC and STIC promotional activities and materials ($6,172.67)
$ 100,000
  1. Business plan development and outreach for a Traffic Incident Management (TIM) training facility ($54,000)
  2. Modifications to Geo-Reinforced Soil-Integrated Bridge System (GRS-IBS) specifications to allow for higher volume, longer structures, and heavier stream velocities ($46,000)
$ 100,000
SD Implement an innovative approach to paperless construction management through e-Construction (Phase 1) $ 100,000
TX Develop and implement strategies to improve data collection for traffic incident management (TIM) $ 100,000
UT Develop a geospatially enabled indexing program in order to provide an easy point access to data from across the department without copying or duplication $ 100,000
VT Develop an electronic document management system for construction submittals $ 100,000
WA Evaluate Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to determine Asphalt Mixture In-Place Density and share these results statewide $100,000
WY Develop and deploy additional e-Construction features to WYDOT’s paperless project management system for electronic workflow communications, construction ePrequalification, submittal review, material eCertification, equipment rental rate, and reporting $100,000

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