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P3 Toolkit

Fact Sheets

These fact sheets provide overviews of key aspects of the P3 Toolkit.

FHWA P3 Toolkit
The P3 Toolkit comprises tools and guidance documents to assist in educating public sector policy-makers, legislative and executive staff, and transportation professionals.

Risk Valuation and Allocation
A key component of P3 procurement involves the transfer of certain risks from the public agency procuring the project to the private sector partner.

Value For Money Analysis
Value for Money (VfM) analysis is a process used to compare the financial impacts of a P3 project against those for the traditional public delivery alternative.

Financial Structuring
Under a Public-Private Partnership (P3) for highway projects, a private partner may participate in some combination of design, construction, financing, operations and maintenance, including collection of toll revenues.

Benefit-Cost Analysis
Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA) is a process used to compare the societal impacts of a P3 project against those for the traditional public delivery alternative.

Analytical Studies
Once public agencies have identified a project as having the potential to be procured as a public-private partnership (P3), they typically conduct a series of progressively more rigorous evaluations to determine the best approach to delivering the project. These evaluations help decisionmakers choose how best to structure and procure a potential P3 project.

Conducting Procurements
Key issues that public agencies must consider in conducting a P3 project procurement are structuring the agreement, conducting a fair and competitive procurement process and negotiating a final agreement that is transparent and protects the public interest.

Monitoring and Oversight
After a P3 agreement is signed, the public agency must manage the contract to ensure that it achieves the performance standards established in the agreement. The performance monitoring and oversight phase will require building a strong set of skills within the public agency due to the need to maintain these oversight responsibilities in-house.

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