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Louisiana Division

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Points of Contact

Division Administrator - Charles Bolinger
Deputy Division Administrator - Edward Ofori

Specific Program or Category Primary Contact Secondary Contact
Access Management & Control John Broemmelsiek Daniel Suarez
Accounting Wendy Maxwell Gregory Ridgle
Administrative, Management and Clerical Support Denise Zachary  
Air Analysis Robert Mahoney Lynn Heisler
Air Quality Carlos McCloud  
American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Charles Harkless Daniel Suarez
Annual Performance Plan Coordinator Denise Lavalais Gregory Ridgle
Appraisal and Appraisal Review Charles Harkless  
Asset Management Scott Nelson Carlos McCloud
Audit Coordination/Resolution Gregory Ridgle  
Benefits Coordinator Denise Zachary  
Bicycle / Pedestrian Transportation Program Laura Phillips Mary Stringfellow
Bidding/Award Process Daniel Suarez Edward Ofori
Bridge Management System Art Aguirre Charles Aziabor
Buy America Daniel Suarez
Civil Rights (Overall) Charles Harkless  
Compliance Program Charles Harkless  
Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ) Carlos McCloud  
Construction Program Coordinator Daniel Suarez  
Consultant Selection Process/Agreements Daniel Suarez  
Correspondence Coordinator Denise Zachary  
Corridor Preservation Robert Mahoney Charles Harkless
Crash Data Collection Program Betsey Tramonte  
Current Billing Approval Wendy Maxwell Gregory Ridgle
Davis Bacon Act Daniel Suarez Charles Harkless
DBE Supportive Services Program Charles Harkless  
Defense Access Roads Daniel Suarez Mark Stinson
DELPHI Gregory Ridgle  
Design Program Coordination Jerry Pitts Daniel Suarez
Disadvantaged Business Enterprises DBE) Program Charles Harkless  
Design Build Coordination Mark Stinson Daniel Suarez
Emergency Communications/Operations Charles Harkless  
Emergency Relief Program Daniel Suarez Wendy Maxwell
Employee Assistance Program Denise Zachary  
Endangered and Threatened Species Act Lynn Heisler Robert Mahoney
Environmental Document Coordination Robert Mahoney Daniel Suarez
Environmental Justice Charles Harkless Robert Mahoney
Environmental Log Maintenance Lynn Heisler Robert Mahoney
Environmental Program Policy/Technology Robert Mahoney Lynn Heisler
Environmental Review Support Robert Mahoney Lynn Heisler
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Contract Charles Harkless  
Every Day Counts Coordinator Mary Stringfellow  
Exempt Project Authorizations Wendy Maxwell  
External Contractor Compliance Charles Harkless  
Farmland Protection Policy Act Lynn Heisler Robert Mahoney
Federal Lands Access Mary Stringfellow  
Federal Land Transfers Charles Harkless  
Federal-aid Program Coordinator for Geographically Area
(District 05, 07, 08)
Jacquole Johnson  
Federal-aid Program Coordinator for Geographically Area
(District 58, 61, 62)
Jerry Pitts  
Federal-aid Program Coordinator for Geographically Area
(District 02, 03, 04)
Mark Stinson  
Ferry Boat Program John Broemmelsiek Mary Stringfellow
Financial Integrity Review & Evaluation Program (F.I.R.E.) Wendy Maxwell  
Financial Management (Overall) Wendy Maxwell  
Financial Management Improvement Projects Gregory Ridgle  
Financial Management Information System (FMIS) Gregory Ridgle  
Flood Plain Impacts Lynn Heisler Robert Mahoney
Freedom of Information Act Officer Gregory Ridgle  
Freight Carlos McCloud  
Functional Classification Maps (Statewide/NHS/Parish) Carlos McCloud Mary Stringfellow
General Files Manager Denise Zachary  
Geotechnical Art Aguirre Charles Aziabor
General Operating Expense (GOE) Accounting Gregory Ridgle  
GSA Vehicles Denise Zachary  
Hazardous Materials Routing John Broemmelsiek  
Hazardous Waste Sites and Underground Storage Tanks Lynn Heisler Robert Mahoney
Hazardous Waste/Contaminated Properties Charles Harkless  
Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Program (HVUT) Carlos McCloud  
High Priority Projects Daniel Suarez Edward Ofori
Highway Beautification Program Charles Harkless  
Highway Program Financing (Overall) Wendy Maxwell  
Highway Safety Improvement Program Betsey Tramonte  
Highway Statistics Carlos McCloud  
Historic Black Colleges and Universities/Minority Charles Harkless  
Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) Program Carlos McCloud Scott Nelson
Hydraulics/Hydrology Art Aguirre Charles Aziabor
Incident Management John Broemmelsiek  
Indian Reservation Road and Bridge Improvement Program Mary Stringfellow Lynn Heisler
Information Management (Overall) Edward Ofori  
Innovative Contracting Procedures Daniel Suarez Edward Ofori
Institutions of Higher Education (HBCU/MIHE) Programs Charles Harkless  
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Programs John Broemmelsiek  
Interagency Coordination Robert Mahoney Lynn Heisler
Intermodal Transportation Management System Carlos McCloud  
Internal Accounting System Wendy Maxwell  
Internal EEO Charles Harkless  
Internal Safety Charles Harkless  
Inventory Control Denise Zachary  
Junkyard Control Charles Harkless  
Legal Aspects of Right of Way Charles Harkless  
Limited English Proficiency Charles Harkless  
Local Public Agency Coordinator Scott Nelson Mary Stringfellow
Local Transportation Assistance Program (LTAP)
County Road Liaison
Mary Stringfellow
LTBPP Long Term Bridge Performance Program (LTBPP) Art Aguirre Charles Aziabor
LTPP (Long Term Pavement Performance Program) Scott Nelson  
Mail Processing Denise Zachary  
Maintenance Program Coordination Mark Stinson  
Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)
(Signing and Lighting)
John Broemmelsiek  
Materials QC/QA Program Scott Nelson  
Major Projects Engineer Mark Stinson  
Metro Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Laura Phillips  
Motor Fuel Tax Evasion Program Laura Phillips  
National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) Art Aguirre Charles Aziabor
National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Mary Stringfellow  
National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Coordinator Robert Mahoney Lynn Heisler
National Highway Institute (NHI) Training Coordinator Denise Zachary  
National Highway System (NHS) Program Policy Edward Ofori  
National Register of Historic Places (106) Robert Mahoney Lynn Heisler
National Tunnel Inspection Standards (NTIS) Art Aguirre Charles Aziabor
Noise Analysis Robert Mahoney Lynn Heisler
Office Services Denise Zachary  
Office Space Management Wendy Maxwell  
On the Job Training (OJT) Program Charles Harkless  
Operating Budget Gregory Ridgle  
Outdoor Advertising Control Charles Harkless  
Part VI of Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) Betsey Tramonte John Broemmelsiek
Partnering Mark Stinson  
Pavement Design/Technology Scott Nelson  
Planning & Research Work Programs Carlos McCloud Laura Phillips
Performance Appraisal Coordination Edward Ofori  
Pooled Fund Research Program Mary Stringfellow  
Procurement Wendy Maxwell  
Professional Development Program Coordinator Edward Ofori  
Professional Development Program Recruiter Scott Nelson  
Program Delivery Team Leader Mary Stringfellow  
Project Development Coordinator Daniel Suarez  
Project Delivery Team Leader Daniel Suarez  
Projects of Division Interest (PODI) Daniel Suarez  
Property Management -- Disposal, Leasing, Joint Use Charles Harkless  
Public Lands Highway Discretionary Program Mary Stringfellow  
Public Road Mileage Certification Carlos McCloud  
Purchase Orders/Payment Wendy Maxwell  
R/R Crossing Program Betsey Tramonte  
Recreational Trails Program Laura Phillips Mary Stringfellow
Recruitment Mary Stringfellow  
Relocation Assistance and Payments Charles Harkless  
Research Program Mary Stringfellow Laura Phillips
Rest Area Use and Truck Parking Charles Harkless  
Right of Way Acquisition, Administrative Settlements, Legal Settlements, and Eminent Domain Actions Charles Harkless  
Right of Way Donations and Credits Charles Harkless  
Right of Way Statistics Charles Harkless  
Risk Assessment Denise Lavalais Gregory Ridgle
Roadside Barriers & Safety Appurtenances Charles Aziabor Betsey Tramonte
Roadway Functional Classification Carlos McCloud  
Safety 402 Program Coordination Betsey Tramonte  
Scenic Byways Charles Harkless Daniel Suarez
Scenic Streams and Coastal Zones Lynn Heisler Robert Mahoney
Section 4(f) Analysis Robert Mahoney Lynn Heisler
Sole Source Aquifers Robert Mahoney Lynn Heisler
State's Statistical Reporting Program Carlos McCloud  
Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) Laura Phillips Carlos McCloud
Stewardship Plan Edward Ofori  
Strategic / Performance Plan Edward Ofori Charles Bolinger
Strategic Highway Safety Plan Betsey Tramonte  
Strategic Network Highway System Carlos McCloud  
Structures - Bridges/Tunnels Art Aguirre Charles Aziabor
Summer Transportation Institute Charles Harkless  
Technology Transfer (T2) Coordinator Mary Stringfellow  
Telephone System Denise Zachary Wendy Maxwell
Time & Attendance Coordinator Denise Zachary  
Title VI Charles Harkless  
Traffic Monitoring System Policy / Program Carlos McCloud  
Traffic Operations John Broemmelsiek  
Traffic Signal Systems John Broemmelsiek  
Training (Internal) Denise Zachary  
Transportation Alternative Program Laura Phillips  
Travel Reservation Coordinator Denise Zachary Gregory Ridgle
Travel Vouchers/Order (E2) Gregory Ridgle Denise Zachary
UPACS Administrator Wendy Maxwell  
Use of Consultants in Right of Way Activities Charles Harkless  
Urban Planning Laura Phillips Carlos McCloud
Utilities Charles Harkless Daniel Suarez
Value Engineering Daniel Suarez  
Vehicle Size and Weight Program John Broemmelsiek  
Web Page Coordinator Denise Zachary  
Weigh-In-Motion/Vehicle Classification Program Carlos McCloud John Broemmelsiek
Wetlands Analysis Lynn Heisler Robert Mahoney
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