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Subject: ACTION:Cancellation of FHWA Directive: Order 5520.1Date: September 6, 2007
From: Patricia A. Prosperi
Associate Administrator for Administration
Reply to Attn. of: HAIM-12
To: J. Richard Capka
Federal Highway Administrator


The Office of Infrastructure (HIF) recently informed my staff that FHWA Order 5520.1, Preliminary Plan Review and Approval, dated December 24, 1990 (see attachment), needs to be canceled and removed from the FHWA directives Web site since it has become obsolete and has been superseded by guidance covered in a memorandum pertaining to Project Oversight - Unusual Bridges and Structures, dated November 13, 1998, from the Director, Office of Engineering.

Chapter 4 of Order M 1100.1A, FHWA Delegations and Organization Manual, and Chapter 7 of Order H 1321.1B, FHWA Directives Management Program Handbook, provide the authority for the Federal Highway Administrator to approve, change, and cancel directives. Since Order 5520.1 was originally signed by the Federal Highway Administrator, we are requesting your approval to officially cancel the Order. Following your approval, this outdated Order will be deleted from the current directives system effective the date of your signature, and it will be moved to the "canceled" section of the FHWA directives Web site.



Signiture: Frederick G. (Bud) Wrightfor September 12, 2007
Federal Highway AdministratorDate

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