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October 14, 1997

Transmittal 18

  1. PURPOSE. To transmit new and revised pages to the Federal-Aid Policy Guide (FAPG).

  2. COMMENTS. The FAPG is being updated to include the following items.
    1. Federal-aid regulations previously published in the Federal Register.
        (1) Revised Sections: (a) 23 CFR 625, Design Standards for Highways, (b) 23 CFR 630, Preconstruction Procedures, (c) 23 CFR 635, Construction and Maintenance, (d) 23 CFR 657, Certification of Size and Weight Enforcement, (e) 23 CFR 658, Truck Size and Weight Route Designations-Length, Width, and Weight Limitations, and (f) 23 CFR 771, Environmental Impact and Related Procedures. (2) New Section: 23 CFR 627, Value Engineering.

    2. Supplemental section NS 23 CFR 630C has been revised.

    3. Revised pages to the Table of Contents are also included with this transmittal.

  3. REGULATORY MATERIAL. The regulatory material contained in this directive has been published in the Federal Register and will be codified in Title 23, Code of Federal Regulations.

  4. ELECTRONIC AVAILABILITY. The FAPG is posted on the Federal Highway Administration's Internet home page (http:\\ in both WordPerfect (for downloading) and hypertext markup language ((HTML) for online viewing). It may be found under the heading "Legislation and Regulations" and subheading "Electronic Directives".

  5. CONTACT FOR FURTHER INFORMATION. Questions concerning this transmittal may be directed to Earl D. Coles, Office of Information and Management Services(telephone number: (202) 366-9084; GroupWise e-mail address: EColes; Internet e-mail address: or Carlita Young (telephone number:(202) 366-9095; GroupWise e-mail address: CYoung; Internet e-mail address:

George S. Moore, Jr.
Associate Administrator
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