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February 11, 1998

Transmittal 21

  1. PURPOSE. To revise the Federal-Aid Policy Guide (FAPG) by deleting canceled regulatory and supplemental materials.

  2. COMMENTS. The following FAPG materials are deleted.

    1. 23 CFR Part 1260, Certification of Speed Limit Enforcement, and

    2. Non-regulatory non-CFR-related guidance chapters G 4072.0 through G 4072.11 that were canceled by FHWA Order 1910.2B, FHWA Emergency Preparedness Program, issued on October 21, 1997.

  3. REGULATORY MATERIAL. The cancellation of the regulatory material contained in this directive has been published in the Federal Register and will be codified in Title 23, Code of Federal Regulations.

Original signed by:
George S. Moore, Jr.
Associate Administrator
for Administration

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