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June 17, 1998

Transmittal 23

  1. PURPOSE. To transmit new and revised pages of the Federal-Aid Policy Guide (FAPG).

  2. COMMENTS. The FAPG is being revised to include changes to the following items:

    1. NS 23 CFR 625, Vertical Clearance on the Interstate System, as a result of a memorandum issued by the Associate Administrator for Program Development on August 15, 1997, Vertical Clearance, Interstate System Coordination of Design Exceptions, and

    2. NS 23 CFR Part 630C, Additional Access to the Interstate System, as a result of the FHWA policy statement issued in the Federal Register on February 11, 1998, Additional Interchanges to the Interstate System.

  3. REGULATORY MATERIAL. There is no regulatory material in this transmittal.

  4. FAPG TRANSMITTAL DISTRIBUTION. All current FHWA directives, including the FAPG and its transmittals, as well as FHWA Federal-aid highway program policy memorandums that have not been codified in regulation or directive format, are posted in both WordPerfect and HTML format on the FHWA Internet Home Page located at:

    Currently, paper copies of FAPG changes are distributed only to persons and organizations external to FHWA. In view of the widespread access to the Internet and the anticipated printing cost savings, the FHWA intends to discontinue the external printed copy distribution of FAPG transmittals in the future.

    The FHWA welcomes comments on this matter. Comments may be forwarded electronically to: Comments may also be mailed to: Mr. Ted Cogdell, Federal Highway Administration, 400 Seventh Street, SW, Room 4428, HMS-12, Washington, DC 20590, or sent via FAX to Mr. Cogdell's attention at (202)366-3235. All comments should be forwarded to the FHWA within 60 calendar days after the date of this transmittal.

Original signed by:

George S. Moore, Jr.
Associate Administrator for Administration

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