October 8, 1993, Transmittal 8

49 CFR 24
Appendix B



Appendix B to Part 24 -Statistical Report Form

Authority: 42 U.S.C. 4601 et seq.; 49 CFR 1.48(cc).

[57 FR 33264, July 27, 1992]

Source: 54 FR 8928, Mar. 2, 1989, unless otherwise noted.

This appendix sets forth the statistical information collected from Agencies in accordance with Sec. 24.9(c).


  1. Report coverage. This report covers all relocation and real property acquisition activities under a Federal or a federally assisted project or program subject to the provisions of the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, as amended by Pub. L. 100-17, 101 Stat. 132.

  2. Report period. Activities shall be reported on a Federal fiscal year basis, i.e., October 1 through September 30.

  3. Where and when to submit report. Submit an original and two copies of this report to (Name and Address of Federal Agency) as soon as possible after September 30, but NOT LATER THAN NOVEMBER 15.

  4. How to report relocation payments. The full amount of a relocation payment shall be reported as if disbursed in the year during which the claim was approved, regardless of whether the payment is to be paid in installments.

  5. How to report dollar amounts. Round off all money entries in Parts B and C to the nearest dollar.

  6. Statutory references. The references in Part B indicate the section of the Uniform Act that authorizes the cost.

Part A. Persons displaced

Report in Part A the number of persons ("households," "businesses, including nonprofit organizations," and "farms") who were permanently displaced during the fiscal year by project or program activities and moved to their replacement dwelling or location. This includes businesses, nonprofit organizations and farms which, upon displacement, discontinued operations. The category "households" includes all families and individuals. A family shall be reported as "one" household, not by the number of people in the family unit. Persons shall be reported according to their status as "owners" or "tenants" of the property from which displaced.

Part B. Relocation payments and expenses

Columns (A) and (B). Report in Column (A) the number of displacements during the report year. Report in Column (B) the total amount represented by the displacements reported in Column (A).

Line 7A is a new line item for reporting the business reestablishment expense payment.

Lines 7A and 9, Column (B). Report in Column (B) the amount of costs that were included in the total amount approved on Lines 6 and 8, Column (B).

Lines 12 A and B. Report in Column (A) the number of households displaced by project or program activities which were provided assistance in accordance with section 206(a) of the Uniform Act. Report in Column (B) the total financial assistance under section 206(a) allocable to the households reported in Column (A). (If a household received financial assistance under section 203 or section 204 as well as under section 206(a) of the Uniform Act, report the household as a displacement in Column (A), but in Column (B) report only the amount of financial assistance allocable to section 206(a). For example, if a tenant-household receives apayment of $7,000 to rent a replace-ment dwelling, the sum of $5,250 shall be included on Line 10, Column (B), and $1,750 shall be included on Line 12B, Column (B).)

Line 13. Report on Line 13 all administrative costs incurred during the report year in connection with providing relocation advisory assistance and services under section 205 of the Uniform Act.

Line 15. Report on Line 15 the total number of relocation appeals filed during the fiscal year by aggrieved persons.

Part C. Real property acquisition subject to Uniform Act

Line 16, Columns (A) and (B). Report in Column (A) all parcels acquired during the report year where title or possession was vested in the acquiring agency during the reporting period. (Include parcels acquired without Federal financial assistance, if there was or will be Federal financial assistance in other phases of the project or program.) Report in Column (B) the total of the amounts paid, deposited in court, or otherwise made available to a property owner pursuant to applicable law in order to vest title or possession in the acquiring agency.

Line 17. Report on Line 17 the number of parcels reported on Line 16 that were acquired by condemnation where price disagreement was involved.

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