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23 CFR 230D




Subpart D - Construction Contract Equal Opportunity Compliance Procedures


230.401 Purpose.

230.403 Applicability.

230.405 Administrative responsibilities.

230.407 Definitions.

230.409 Contract compliance review procedures.

230.411 Guidance for conducting reviews.

230.413 Review reports.

230.415 Consolidated compliance reviews.

Appendix A-Sample Show Cause Notice

Appendix B-Sample Corrective Action Plan

Appendix C-Sample Show Cause Rescission

Appendix D-Equal Opportunity Compliance Review Process Flow Chart

Authority: 23 U.S.C. 140(a), 315; E.O. 11246; 41 CFR 60-1; 49 CFR 1.48.

Source: 41 FR 34239, Aug. 13, 1976, unless otherwise noted.

Sec. 230.401 Purpose.

The purpose of the regulations in this subpart is to prescribe policies and procedures to standardize the implementation of the equal opportunity contract compliance program, including compliance reviews, consolidated compliance reviews, and the administration of areawide plans.

Sec. 230.403 Applicability.

The procedures set forth hereinafter apply to all nonexempt direct Federal and Federal-aid highway construction contracts and subcontracts, unless otherwise specified.

Sec. 230.405 Administrative responsibilities.

Sec. 230.407 Definitions.

For the purpose of this subpart, the following definitions shall apply, unless the context requires otherwise:

Sec. 230.409 Contract compliance review procedures.

The compliance review procedure, as described herein and in Appendix D provides for continual monitoring of the employment process. Monitoring officials at all levels shall analyze submissions from field offices to ensure proper completion of procedural requirements and to ascertain the effectiveness of program implementation.

The acceptance of a voluntary corrective action plan at the exit conference does not preclude a determination of noncompliance, particularly if deficiencies not addressed by the plan are uncovered during the final analysis and report writing. (Action R-7) A voluntary corrective action plan should be accepted with the understanding that it only address those problems uncovered prior to the exit conference.

Sec. 230.411 Guidance for conducting reviews.

Sec. 230.413 Review reports.

While other data and information should be kept by regional offices (including progress reports, correspondence, and similar review backup material), it should not be routinely forwarded tothe Washington Headquarters, OCR.

Sec. 230.415 Consolidated compliance reviews.

Appendix A - Sample Show Cause Notice

Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested


Contractor"s Name


City, State, and Zip Code.

Dear Contractor: As a result of the review of your (Project Number) project located at (Project Location) conducted on (Date) by (Reviewing Agency), it is our determination that you are not in compliance with your equal opportunity requirements and that good faith efforts have not been made to meet your equal opportunity requirements in the following areas:

List of Deficiencies

Your failure to take the contractually required affirmative action has contributed to the unacceptable level of minority and female employment in your operations, particularly in the semiskilled and skilled categories of employees.

The Department of Labor regulations (41 CFR 60) implementing Executive Order 11246, as amended, are applicable to your Federal-aid highway construction contract and are controlling in this matter (see Required Contract Provisions, Form PR-1273, Clause II). Section 60-1.20(b) of these regulations provides that when equal opportunity deficiencies exist, it is necessary that you make a commitment in writing to correct such deficiencies before you may be found in compliance. The commitment must include the specific action which you propose to take to correct each deficiency and the date of completion of such action. The time period allotted shall be no longer than the minimum period necessary to effect the necessary correction. In accordance with instructions issued by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), U.S. Department of Labor, your written commitment must also provide for the submission of monthly progress reports which shall include a head count of minority and female representation at each level of each trade and a list of minority employees.

You are specifically advised that making the commitment discussed above will not preclude a further determination of noncompliance upon a finding that the commitment is not sufficient to achieve compliance.

We will hold a compliance conference at ______________ (Address) at ______________ (Time) on ______________ (Date) for you to submit and discuss your written commitment. If your written commitment is acceptable and if the commitment is sufficient to achieve compliance, you will be found in compliance during theeffective implementation of that commitment. You are cautioned, however, that our determination is subject to review by the Federal Highway Administration, the Department of Transportation, and OFCCP and may be disapproved if your written commitment is not considered sufficient to achieve compliance.

If you indicate either directly or by inaction that you do not wish to participate in the scheduled conference and do not otherwise show cause within 30 days from receipt of this notice why enforcement proceedings should not be instituted, this agency will commence enforcement proceedings under Executive Order 11246, as amended.

If your written commitment is accepted and it is subsequently found that you have failed to comply with its provisions, you will be advised of this determination and formal sanction proceedings will be instituted immediately.

In the event formal sanction proceedings are instituted and the final determination is that a violation of your equal opportunity contract requirements has taken place, any Federal-aid highway construction contracts or subcontracts which you hold may be canceled, terminated, or suspended, and you may be debarred from further such contracts or subcontracts. Such other sanctions as are authorized by Executive Order 11246, as amended, may also be imposed.

We encourage you to take whatever action is necessary to resolve this matter and are anxious to assist you in achieving compliance. Any questions concerning this notice should be addressed to (Name, Address, and Phone).

Sincerely yours,

[41 FR 34245, Aug. 13, 1976]

Appendix B - Sample Corrective Action Plan

Deficiency 1: Sources likely to yield minority employees have not been contacted for recruitment purposes.

Commitment: We have developed a system of written job applications at our home office which readily identifies minority applicants. In addition to this, as a minimum, we will contact the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), League of Latin American Citizens (LULAC), Urban League, and the Employment Security Office within 20 days to establish a referral system for minority group applicants and expand our recruitment base. We are in the process of identifying other community organizations and associations that may be able to provide minority applicants and will submit an updated listing of recruitment sources and evidence of contact by ______________ (Date).

Deficiency 2: There have been inadequate efforts to locate, qualify, and increase skills of minority and female employees and applicants for employment.

Commitment: We will set up an individual file for each apprentice or trainee by _____________ (Date) in order to carefully screen the progress, ensure that they are receiving the necessary training, and being promoted promptly upon completion of training requirements. We have established a goal of at least 50 percent of our apprentices and trainees will be minorities and 15 percent will be female. In addition to the commitment made to deficiency number 1, we will conduct a similar identification of organizations able to supply female applicants. Based on our projected personnel needs, we expect to have reached our 50 percent goal for apprentices and trainees by ____________ (Date).

Deficiency 3: Very little effort to assure subcontractors have meaningful minority group representation among their employees.

Commitment: In cooperation with the Regional Office of Minority Business Enterprise, Department of Commerce, and the local NAACP, we have identified seven minority-owned contractors that may be able to work on future contracts we may receive. These contractors (identified in the attached list) will be contacted prior to our bidding on all future contracts. In addition, we have scheduled a meeting with all subcontractors currently working on our contracts. This meeting will be held to inform the subcontractors of our intention to monitor their reports and require meaningful minority representation. This meeting will be held on ____________ (Date) and we will summarize the discussions and current posture of each subcontractor for your review by _________ (Date) Additionally, as requested, we will submit a PR-1391 on ______________ (Date), _____________ (Date), _______________ (Date). Finally, we have committed ourselves tomaintaining at least 20 percent minority and female representation in each trade during the time we are carrying out the above commitments. We plan to have completely implemented all the provisions of these commitments by _________ (Date).

[41 FR 34245, Aug. 13, 1976]

Appendix C - Sample Show Cause Rescission

Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested




City, State, and Zip Code

Dear Contractor: On ___________, (Date) you received a 30-day show cause notice from this office for failing to implement the required contract requirements pertaining to equal employment opportunity.

Your corrective action plan, discussed and submitted at the compliance conference held on _____________ (Date), has been reviewed and determined to be acceptable. Your implementation of your corrective action plan shows that you are now taking the required affirmative action and can be considered in compliance with Executive Order 11246, as amended. If it should later be determined that your corrective action plan is not sufficient to achieve compliance, this Rescission shall not preclude a subsequent finding of noncompliance.

In view of the above, this letter is to inform you that the 30-day show cause notice of ____________ (Date) is hereby rescinded. You are further advised that if it is found that you have failed to comply with the provisions of your corrective action plan, formal sanction proceedings will be instituted immediately.





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