This guidance was canceled July 3, 2007 by Transmittal 38 of the Federal-Aid Policy Guide

December 9, 1991, Transmittal 1

G 6011.11




  1. Purpose
  2. Authority
  3. Definition
  4. Necessity for Data
  5. Preparation of Form FHWA-47
  6. Transmission of Form FHWA-47

  1. PURPOSE. To prescribe procedures for the collection of data on usage of highway construction materials, supplies, and labor.

  2. AUTHORITY. 23 U.S.C. 315 and 23 CFR 1.32

  3. DEFINITION. The term "Contractor" means the company or firm that is awarded the contract and performs more than 50 percent of the work by dollar value.


    1. Form FHWA-47, Statement of Materials and Labor Used by Contractors on Highway Construction Involving Federal Funds (Attachment 1), is necessary to provide a source of data relating to quantities of materials, supplies, and labor used for various types of highway construction. The information reported on this form is used primarily to compute usage factors for various materials, supplies, and labor. The factors are used in determining the economic impact of a cut or an increase in Federal-aid highway construction expenditures.

    2. The Bureau of Labor Statistics, Department of Labor, is also concerned with estimates of the quantities and othercosts of materials and labor used in highway and other construction work and is authorized by law to assemble such data by direct inquiry. To avoid the necessity for contractors furnishing similar information directly to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, agreements been reached for the FHWA to collect the desired data.


    1. Form FHWA-47 shall be prepared in accordance withthe instructions on the back of the latest revised form and as authorized by the Required Contract Provisions. The contractor shall furnish the data for the Materials, Supplies, and Labor portions of the Form (Part B) and the FHWA division office, or the State highway agency if it so desires, is responsible for furnishing the items listed in Part a.

    2. The Division Administrator will be expected to establis, within his/her office, such review procedures as will insure both the clerical accuracy and engineering reasonableness and completeness of the information furnished.

    3. All figures reported on Form FHWA-47 should be reasonable an consistent with each other an should be truly representative of the quantities of materials and labor used and of their relationship to the total cost.

  6. TRANSMISSION OF FORM FHWA-47. A FHWA-47 Report (OMB No. 2125-0033) should be transmitted to Washington Headquarters for each Federal-aid primary, urban an Interstate highway project involving construction performed under contract awarded by competitive bidding, except projects for which the total final construction cost or roadway and bridge is less than $1,000,000, and projects consisting primarily of:

    1. the installation of protective devices at railroad grade crossings, or

    2. highway beautification.

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