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This Directive was Canceled June 23, 1999.

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N 1500.4

February 2, 1976

  1. PURPOSE. This notice is issued to reiterate and clarify the policy set forth in FHWA Order 3-5 "Employee Acceptance of Honorariums and Travel and Transportation Expenses from Private Organizations," dated May 20, 1971.


    1. No FHWA employee shall accept an honorarium or anything of monetary value from a private organization for performance of any activity which would be within the scope of his official responsibilities.

    2. Any travel by an FHWA employee while in an official duty status which is paid by a private organization must be approved prior to the travel by the office responsible for authorizing and approving the employee's travel. The approving office shall also coordinate with the private organization as to how the private organization shall pay for the employees travel and transportation. Two methods of payment are acceptable. One method of payment is that the private organization shall make payment directly to FHWA. This payment will be credited to the proper appropriation for the travel. The employee will be reimbursed in the normal manner by FHWA. The second method is for the private organization to provide services in kind (transportation ticket, hotel accommodations, meals, etc.). The employee shall be paid no per diem and travel expenses, or per diem and travel expense reimbursement to the employee shall be reduced by the amount of the services in kind if they are not sufficient to cover that which the employee is normally entitled under applicable laws and FHWA regulations relating to reimbursement for official travel.

    3. In no case shall an employee of FHWA traveling of official business accept direct reimbursement from a private organization or services in kind over and above that which has been agreed upon by the employees approving office and the private organization.


John R. Provan

Associate Administrator

for Administration

This Directive was Canceled June 23, 1999.

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