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This Directive was Canceled June 23, 1999.

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N 4320.2
May 7, 1991

  1. PURPOSE. To remind all Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) employees of their responsibilities, and to request their full cooperation, relating to personal property management.

  2. BACKGROUND. FHWA Order M 4300.1 Personal Property Management Manual, defines "personal property" as "Government property of any kind or interest therein, except real property and records of the Federal Government." Such property may include computer equipment, furniture, and office machines. Chapter 4 of the Order states "Every employee shall be responsible for the proper use and protection of all property that may come into his/her custody or control." It further states that "Except in emergencies threatening loss of life or property or as may be authorized by legal authority, no employee shall use or permit any other person to use Government property for any purpose other than performance of work of the Government."

  3. RESPONSIBILITIES. Government property in the FHWA is controlled through a network of accountable officers who are responsible for maintaining the official property records. In Washington Headquarters, the accountable office is the Office of Management Systems, Operations and Services Division (HMS-20). In the field, the Regional Administrators (or designees) are accountable officers. Throughout the FHWA, property custodians perform the day-to-day tasks and assist in the performance of physical inventories associated with the property assigned to their respective areas of responsibility.

  4. GENERAL PROCEDURES. Whenever Government property is physically moved, it is necessary to notify the property custodians responsible for the areas from where the property is removed and where it is relocated. Because propertycustodians are responsible for the Government property assigned to their areas and are required to document all property movements, it is important that they receive the full cooperation of all employees.

Michael J. Vecchietti
Director, Office of Management

This Directive was Canceled June 23, 1999.

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