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Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Task Force To Improve Management and Impacts of Civil Rights Programs
Classification Code Date
N 4700.6 December 5, 1994

  1. PURPOSE. Following up on the discussion at the FHWA Unit Managers Meeting held in Albuquerque on November 10, this Notice is to announce the creation of a task force to review FHWA's Civil Rights Programs and recommend actions which will increase their impacts as mandated by Congress, Executive Orders, and Administration goals and objectives.

  2. SCOPE. The Task Force's review will address the current FHWA Civil Rights Program operations for the Federal-aid Highway Program at Washington Headquarters and field levels.

  3. OBJECTIVES. The objectives of the Task Force are: (1) to identify any deficiencies and problems related to the implementation of FHWA's Civil Rights programs; and, (2) to identify program and organizational options to improve FHWA's Civil Rights program operations and impacts.

  4. CONSIDERATIONS. Some of the major considerations the Task Force will address are:

    1. effectiveness and efficiency of the existing Civil Rights program operations;

    2. measurable goals and objectives of the Civil Rights program;

    3. agency strategies to address and accomplish the identified goals of the Civil Rights program; and,

    4. current and future impacts of the Civil Rights program.


    1. Chair.

      Leon Larson, Regional Administrator, Region 4

    2. Members.

      Graham Bailey, Assistant Division Administrator and Civil Rights Designee, Maine Division Glenn Bridger, Right-of-Way Specialist, Region 10 Linda J. Brown, Chief, Policy and Program Development Division, Office of Civil Rights, Washington Headquarters Willie Harris, Regional Civil Rights Director, Region 10 Art Hill, Division Administrator, DC Division Jim St. John, Division Administrator, Wisconsin Division Gary Larsen, Division Administrator, Oklahoma Division Humberto Martinez, Regional Civil Rights Director, Region 6Dennis Perrott, Regional Civil Rights Director, Region 1

    3. Ex Office Members.

        Pat Mahon - Management Analyst, Office of Program
        Review and Strategic Business Planning,
        Washington Headquarters

        April Marchese - Special Assistant to the Chief
        Counsel, Office of Chief Counsel, Washington

        John Schnackenberg - Chief, Organization and
        Management Programs Division, Office of
        Information and Management Services, Washington

  6. TASK FORCE APPROACH. The Task Force (1) will review the existing Civil Rights Programs, organizational structure, resources, and operational procedures; (2) will review prior civil rights task force/work group issues, studies, position papers and responses; and (3) will interview DOT/FHWA personnel, other Federal/State civil rights related personnel as well as partners and customers, as appropriate, to obtain a comprehensive overview of FHWA's responsiveness and program impacts.

  7. TASK FORCE PRODUCTS. The Task Force will prepare a preliminary report in January to the Executive Director which will include, among other things, suggestions for short-term actions to be completed and long-term activities that might be addressed in a special review by the Office of Program Review and Strategic Business Planning. An over-all report of the findings and recommendations of the Task Force will be submitted to the Executive Director by March 15, 1995.

Rodney E. Slater
Federal Highway Administrator

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