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Classification Code Date
N 4720.4 October 6, 1983

  1. PURPOSE. To revise the procedures governing the reporting requirements for the contract compliance program.

  2. BACKGROUND. Since 1968, when the contract compliance review program was initiated, contract compliance review data (generally recorded on Form FHWA-86, Compliance Data Report) have been forwarded to Washington Headquarters for review, compilation, and analysis. In an effort to reduce paperwork and cut costs, it has been determined that program efficiency can be maintained if these data are summarized in the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) regional office and submitted to the Washington Headquarters on a quarterly basis.

  3. CONTRACT COMPLIANCE PROGRAM REPORTING REQUIREMENTS. Regional offices should summarize on Form FHWA-1519, Contract Compliance Activity Summary Report, the data recorded on Form FHWA-86 or comparable State compliance review report forms, and submit to the Office of Civil Rights (HCR-1) by the 15th day following each quarter. [SEE PRINTED COPY OF NOTICE FOR A COPY OF FORM FHWA-1519] Regional offices should no longer submit Form FHWA-86 to HCR-1, but should retain a copy of the Form FHWA-86 for 3 years.

  4. FHPM 2-2-3, CONSTRUCTION CONTRACT EQUAL OPPORTUNITY COMPLIANCE PROCEDURES. Federal-Aid Highway Program Manual 2-2-3, Construction Contract Equal Opportunity Compliance Procedures, dated August 30, 1976, is being revised to reflect the procedural changes in this Notice.

R. Edward Quick
Director, Office of Civil Rights

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