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Classification Code Date
N 5180.28 March 7, 1989

  1. PURPOSE. To allocate supportive services funds to each State for implementation of 23 U.S.C. 140(c), pertaining to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) sponsored minority business enterprise (MBE) training program.

  2. CANCELLATION. FHWA Notice N 5180.27, Minority Business Enterprise Training Program, FY 1988 Supportive Services Funds Allocation, dated April 7, 1988, is cancelled.


    1. The allocation of supportive services funds to the individual States for the MBE program is based on a formula involving each State's obligation limitation. Each State will receive the formula allocation with a minimum of $90,000 and a maximum of $500,000 unless a lesser amount was requested.

    2. By this Notice, Regional Administrators are advised of the availability of MBE supportive services funds for obligation. These funds may be obligated as soon as the allocation appears in the Fiscal Management Information System. A Form FHWA-370, Advice of Funds Available for Obligation, will not be issued to the regions.

    3. The distribution of FY 1989 MBE supportive services funds is shown on the Attachment.

    4. Regional Administrators have been delegated the authority to transfer MBE supportive services funds between the States in their respective regions in accordance with the FHWA Organization Manual, Part I, Chapter 5, paragraph 50b. The Washington Headquarters (HHO-32, HCR-30, and HFS-1) shall be promptly notified by memorandum of any transfer of funds.

    5. Obligation of reallocated funds will not be accepted into the Fiscal Management Information System until the reallocation is entered by the Program Analysis Division. Obligations for projects established under this program must be recorded on Form FHWA-37, Project Status Record, and entered into the Fiscal Management Information System. Appropriation Code 12c has been established for the MBA program. Instructions for preparing the FHWA-37 for this appropriation were distributed with Mr. Roy S. Marcey's September 28, 1987, memorandum.

    6. The FY 1989 supportive services funds not obligated by close of business August 31, 1989, will be returned to the Washington Headquarters for redistribution. Determinations that States will not use their entire allocation should be made as early as possible so that their funds may be obligated elsewhere in FY 1989.g.The point of obligation is defined as that time when the Regional Administrator has approved a detailed work statement for the use of MBE supportive services funds. The State highway agencies should, therefore, submit the detailed work statements as soon as practicable after receipt of the allocation. The Regional Administrator's approval authority may be redelegated to the Division Administrator.


    1. Funds are made available under 23 U.S.C. 140(c) to develop, conduct, and administer training programs and assistance programs in order that minority and women businesses may achieve proficiency to compete, on an equal basis, for contracts and subcontracts. The ultimate goal of the MBE supportive services program is to increase the level of minority and women business participation in Federal-aid program contract work. The goal of increased participation may be achieved by providing assistance that accomplishes two objectives: (1) to increase the total program and (2) to contribute to the growth and eventual self-sufficiency of individual minority and women firms. Supportive services activities should, therefore, be developed with an emphasis on assistance that will enable and encourage individual minority and women firms to become self-sufficient.

    2. The MBE supportive services program should be developed and implemented in accordance with 23 CFR , Subpart 230 and Federal-Aid Highway Program Manual (FHPM) 6-4-1-8, Supportive Services for Minority, Disadvantaged, and Women Business Enterprises.

    3. Each State should be encouraged to be actively involved in the supportive services effort. Such involvement can take the form of staffing, funding, and/or directassistance to augment the services procured by Federal-aid funds. By becoming actively involved in the supportive services program, States may increase their control over program directions and enhance continuity between successive supportive service contracts.

    4. Supportive services program performance shall be continually monitored and evaluated by FHWA and State highway agencies to assure that the available funds are used effectively.

  5. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. Funds are made available to State highway agencies to provide supportive services either in-house or by contract. In accordance with FHPM 6-4-1-8, the State highway agency, when contracting, shall solicit proposals from such qualified sources as will assure the competitive nature of the procurement.

Thomas O. Willett
Acting Associate Administrator for
Engineering and Program Development



01   Connecticut   $ 225,000
    Maine   90,000
    Massachusetts   356,483
    New Jersey   300,000
    New York   500,000
    Rhode Island   100,000
    Vermont   70,000
    Puerto Rico   55,000
    Total   1,696,483
03   Delaware   90,000
    Dist. of Columbia   90,000
    Maryland   150,000
    Pennsylvania   493,935
    Virginia   200,200
    West Virginia   32,164
    Total   1,056,299
04   Alabama   262,613
    Florida   425,768
    Georgia   300,608
    Kentucky   149,911
    Mississippi   100,100
    North Carolina   201,332
    South Carolina   103,000
    Tennessee   230,205
    Total   1,773,537
05   Illinois   372,128
    Indiana   194,445
    Michigan   300,608
    Minnesota   187,740
    Ohio   357,600
    Wisconsin   164,273
    Total   1,576,794
06   Arkansas   109,515
    Louisiana   200,000
    New Mexico   106,163
    Oklahoma   127,500
    Texas   500,000
    Total   1,043,178
07   Iowa   164,273
    Kansas   95,000
    Missouri   125,000
    Nebraska   98,340
    Total   482,613
08   Colorado   189,975
    Montana   109,515
    North Dakota   90,000
    South Dakota   90,000
    Utah   0
    Wyoming   32,000
    Total   511,490
09   Arizona   131,865
    California   500,000
    Hawaii   95,195
    Nevada   90,000
    Total   817,060
10   Alaska   150,000
    Idaho   90,000
    Oregon   127,395
    Washington   280,000
    Total   647,395
    Grand Total   $9,604,849
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