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Classification Code Date
N 5600.7 September 5, 1985


  1. PURPOSE. To transmit the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Traffic Monitoring Guide, which provides the procedures for the collection and analysis of traffic volume data, vehicle classification data, and truck weight data.

  2. CANCELLATION. The 1970 Guide for Traffic Volume Counting Manual is canceled effective immediately and the 1971 Guide for Truck Weight Study Manual is canceled effective December 31, 1985.

  3. SCOPE. The provisions of the subject Guide are applicable to all FHWA offices.


    1. This Guide is an advisory document, i.e., it is intended to be a statement of good practice for the FHWA management of data collection and analysis of traffic volume data, vehicle classification data, and truck weight data. It is not to be considered a FederalStandard.

    2. Data collection agencies are encouraged to consider the methods presented here in their administration of a data collection program and to compare the cost-effectiveness of this methodology to procedures they presently use.

  5. ACTION. Effective January 1, 1986, data gathered in support of the FHWA Truck Weight Study should be formatted in accordance with the Traffic Monitoring Guide.

  6. DISTRIBUTION. Sufficient copies of the Guide are being distributed to provide a minimum of five copies for each regional office and two copies for each division office and seven copies for each State highway agency. Direct distribution is being made to the division offices. A limited supply of additional copies are available from the Office of Highway Planning, Highway Statistics Division and may be obtained by memorandum through the regional offices.

Kevin E. Heanue
Director, Office of Highway

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