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A Guide To Reporting Highway Statistics
Classification Code Date Office of Primary Interest
N 5600.10 January 6, 1994 HPPI-10

  1. PURPOSE. To transmit a completely revised version of "A Guide to Reporting Highway Statistics" (OMB Control Number 2125-0032). [SEE PRINTED COPY OF NOTICE FOR A COPY OF THE GUIDE.] This document provides procedures for preparing the various highway statistical data series submitted by the States to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

  2. CANCELLATION. FHWA Notice N 5600.9, "A Guide to Reporting Highway Statistics," dated January 7, 1991, and Change 1, dated November 8, 1991, are canceled.


    1. The revised Guide makes both minor and significant changes to the data reporting procedures. For the most part, minor changes clarify existing instructions; more significant changes include:

      1. (1) Instructions and data forms are included in a new Chapter 14 covering the reporting of Surface Transportation Program (STP) accomplishments. This reporting requirement was instituted in response to the requirements of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA).

      2. (2) Reporting of local government finance information is permitted on a consolidated local government basis. The county and municipality stratifications have been eliminated.

      3. (3) Financial reporting is now permitted on a calendar or State fiscal year basis as long as related reports are all completed on the same reporting year basis. The only exception to this provision involves the data reported on Form FHWA-524, STP accomplishment data, which must be reported on a Federal fiscal year basis.

      4. (4) Reporting can be in metric or English units on Forms FHWA-551M and FHWA-524 at the choice of the State. Reports should be prepared in the units in which State records are maintained.

      5. (5) Changes have been made to the transit data reporting instructions for Forms FHWA-531 and FHWA-532 to exclude mass transit operator data and to include other categories of direct State transit expenditures.

      6. (6) A new Chapter 10 has been added to clarify the instructions and presentation of information of State toll highway and bridge authorities.

      7. (7) Form FHWA-534 has been revised to recognize the elimination of the traditional Federal-aid highway systems brought about by the ISTEA.

      8. (8) Puerto Rico is permitted the option of reporting most highway statistical data using an abbreviated territorial report format.

      9. (9) Form FHWA-551M has been modified to provide for further stratification of gasohol into the three types defined in the Energy Policy Act of 1992.

    2. The FHWA strongly encourages the electronic reporting of statistical data prepared under the Guide. A new Appendix B discusses the availability and use of computer based data reporting templates and the electronic transmission of data to the FHWA.

    3. All forms are being reissued with this version of the Guide. Previous editions of all forms are obsolete, and should not be used. New forms are available on the FHWA Bulletin Board; printed copies of the forms will be made available separately through the FHWA field offices.

  4. ACTION. The procedures in the revised Guide should be followed in preparing the calendar/fiscal year 1993 data submittals due to the FHWA in 1994. Revised reporting forms should be used upon receipt.

  5. DISTRIBUTION. Copies of the revised Guide are being distributed according to the standard distribution list as supplemented by individual requests for additional copies. Division offices are requested to distribute the copies to those in the State transportation agency and other State agencies who are responsible for reporting the data covered by the Guide. Each person completing reports for FHWA should receive a copy of the Guide, regardless of the agency for which they work. Additional copies of the Guide are available from the Office of Highway Information Management, Highway Funding and Motor Fuel Division.

Original Signed By:

David R. McElhaney
Director, Office of Highway Information Management

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