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FHWA Order 2-4

Clearance and Release of Public Information Material
Classification Code Date Office of Primary Interest
2-4 February 7, 1972 PA-1


Transmittal 113
February 7, 1972


    Federal Highway Administration Order 2-4, Clearance and Release of Public Information Material.


      The following FHWA is issuances are superseded:

    1. FHWA Order 2-4, Clearance of Materials for Public Presentation, October 4, 1967.

    2. FHWA Order 2-3, News Release of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Cases, July 6, 1967.

    3. FHWA Notice, Review of FHWA Public Relations Activities, April 9, 1971.


    This revision is issued pursuant to actual changes in FHWA public information operating procedures since the original issuance of the above-cited superseded orders, and in conformance with the requirements of DOT orders 1210.3 and 1210.4.


February 7, 1972


  1. Purpose

  2. General

  3. Procedures


    To prescribe Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) policies and procedures for the clearance and release of all public information materials including press releases, speeches, technical papers, magazine articles, brochures, exhibits, films, radio and television copy, film strips and slide presentations prepared for public release.


    1. Review, Clearance and Release of Written, Oral, or Visual Public Information Material.

      The Director, Office of Public Affairs, FHWA, acting for the Federal Highway Administrator, is responsible for overseeing the review, clearance, and release of written, oral, or visual public information material in a timely and accurate manner, in conformance with Department of Transportation (DOT) and FHWA policies, and so as to develop and enhance public interest in and understanding of DOT and FHWA polices and programs. Such clearance shall also include editorial review from the standpoint of writing style and content.

    2. References

        (1) DOT Order 1210.3, REVIEW OF DOT PUBLIC RELATIONS ACTIVITIES, February 8, 1971.

        (2) DOT Order 1210.4, RELEASE OF INFORMATION, February 24, 1971.

    3. Other Provisions Which Take Precedence Over This Order.

      This order is subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act and the FHWA Administrative Manual, Volume 34, Chapter X, "Public Availability of Records" and does not supersede the requirements of that law regulation.


    1. Functions of the Director, Office of Public Affairs, FHWA.

      The Director, Office of Public Affairs FHWA, shall:

        (1) Be responsible for overseeing the review and clearance of FHWA public information material and shall coordinate with appropriate Office of the Secretary of Transportation (OST) offices for the release of such public information material as required by applicable OST directives;

        (2) Serve as the FHWA control point for the review and coordination of newly proposed public information activities prior to the submission such proposals to the DOT Public Relations Review Board; and

        (3) Assure that the Federal Highway Administrator, his immediate staff, and appropriate OST offices are kept informed of any event involving DOT programs or personnel which as potential public information significance.

    2. Material Requiring Review and Clearance by the Director, Office of Public Affairs, FHWA.

      FHWA headquarters office public information material requiring review and clearance by the Director, Office of Public Affairs, FHWA are:

        (1) All public information material having policy-making implications or substantial public information significance:

        (2) All press releases, except for releases on Federal Court convictions and settlements of civil forfeiture claims for Motor Carrier Safety violations which shall be issued by the Director, Bureau of Motor Carrier Safety, or the appropriate FHWA Regional Administrator in conformance with procedures established by the Director, Office of Public Affairs, FHWA;

        (3) All grants and grants-in-aid, except for formula grants;

        (4) All contracts of $50,000 and over except for:

          (a) Contracts awarded by regional offices, and

          (b) Contracts for "off-the-shelf" commodities;

      • (5) All speeches and magazine articles give or signed by Headquarters office personnel and having substantial public information significance;

        (6) All motion pictures, slide and film strip presentations, and radio and television copy;

        (7) All other public information material issued under the imprint of the FHWA or funded with FHWA monies.

    3. Material to be Reviewed and Cleared by an Associate Administrator or Staff Office Director.

      Speech and magazine material prepared for delivery by or signature of headquarters personnel other than Associate Administrators and Staff Office Directors and not having policy-making implications or public informational significance shall be reviewed and cleared by the appropriate Associate Administrator or Staff Office Director.

    4. Review, Clearance, and Coordination of Material Originated by Field Personnel.

      Regional Federal Highway Administrators shall be responsible for the review and clearance of all public informational type materials originated by field personnel and for coordinating with the Director, Office of Public Affairs, FHWA, on all materials having policy-making implications. Copies of all field office press releases shall be furnished to the Director, Office of Public Affairs, FHWA, and appropriate Washington Headquarters offices.

    5. Clearance of Informal Presentations or Panel Participation Discussions.

      Informal presentations or panel participation discussions for which written texts are not utilized shall be cleared through the submission of an outline of major points to be covered. Should a formal text be prepared later for publication in the form of a technical paper, proceedings, etc., normal review and clearance procedures shall be followed.

    6. Use of Material Previously Cleared.

      Materials previously cleared may be use for subsequent presentations without further clearances.

    7. Advance Notifications and Deadlines for Submission of Material.

      Advance notifications and deadlines for submission of material to the Director, Office of Public Affairs, are as follows:

        (1) Offers for contracts, grants and grant-in-aid awards shall be submitted at least seven working days prior to the proposed award date;

        (2) Press release materials shall be submitted at least five working days prior to the proposed release date;

        (3) Magazine articles, brochures, and publications shall be submitted at least five working days prior to the time they are due in the print shop. Requests for brochures and publications must be accompanied by Form FHWA-1113, Clearance Request for Publication, Film, Exhibit, or Visual Presentation.

        (4) Speech material shall be submitted at least four working days prior to release or departure of the speaker; and

        (5) Motion picture scripts, slide and film strip presentations, radio-TV copy, exhibits, and newly proposed publications shall be submitted as early in the conceptual process as possible to facilitate initial clearance with FHWA and, where applicable, by OST. All such requests shall be accompanied by form FHWA-1113, which shall bear the signature of the appropriate Associate Administrator of Staff Office Director and the Chief, Publications and Visual Aids Branch, Office of General Services.

F.C. Turner
Federal Highway Administrator

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