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FHWA Order 4700.4
This order was canceled on July 27, 2004.

Classification Code Date Office of Primary Interest
4700.4 December 10, 1981 FHWA


  1. Purpose
  2. Background
  3. Eligibility
  4. Award Criteria
  5. Nominating Procedures
  6. Nature of Award
  1. PURPOSE. To prescribe administrative procedures and standards for presentation of awards and special recognition to Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Washington Headquarters and field staff, State highway agencies or personnel, and community, service, or contractor organizations, including minority or women's organizations.

  2. BACKGROUND. The FHWA is keenly aware that certain individuals and/or organizations should be recognized for exemplary leadership and/or accomplishment(s) in the following highway related external civil rights programs: Contract Compliance, State Highway Agency Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), training or supportive services on behalf of minorities and women, Title VI, Youth Opportunity Program, and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). Excluded from this recognition process are FHWA employees for internal EEO activities, since procedures already provide for such recognition (DOT Order 3450.1A, Incentive and Awards Programfor Departmental Personnel, October 17, 1979; FHWA Order 3000.1, Chapter 10, Section 1, November 13, 1978; and FHWA Personnel Management Manual, Chapter 10, Section 1, September 27, 1978).

  3. ELIGIBILITY. Nominees may include any of the following: The FHWA Washington Headquarters and field staff, State highway agencies, community service, contractor organizations, including minority and women's organizations, or appropriate individuals. In the case of organizations, all aspects of their civil rights programs shall meet award criteria. In the case of individuals, it must be demonstrated that the criteria in his/her area(s) of responsibility have been met. Any employee of the above agencies and organizations is eligible for nomination. Nominees do not necessarily have to be civil rights specialists. Anyone directly responsible for developing and implementing an outstanding civil rights program is eligible. As an example, a State Highway/Transportation Agency Director could be nominated for outstanding leadership, support, and accomplishment in civil rights.

  4. AWARD CRITERIA. A person(s) or organization(s) may be nominated for exemplary achievement recognition in accordance with at least one of the following criteria:
    1. The individual or organization has demonstrated unique leadership, initiative, and creativity in establishing and conducting the civil rights program(s).
    2. The activity has produced exceptional results in attaining civil rights goals, e.g., increase in employment, reduction of complaints, increase of MBE contract awards, increased involvement of noncivil rights personnel, etc.

  5. NOMINATING PROCEDURES. Award nomination(s) containing detailed documentation describing the activity and the results achieved shall be processed in the following manner:
    1. Nominations by an FHWA regional or division office shall be submitted through the Regional Civil Rights Director to the FHWA Regional Administrator.
    2. The FHWA direct Federal division nomination(s) shall be submitted through the Direct Federal Program Administrator to the Associate Administrator for Engineering and Traffic Operations.
    3. The FHWA Washington Headquarters nomination(s) shall be submitted to the appropriate Associate Administrator orStaff Office Director.
    4. Nomination(s) in triplicate shall be submitted to the above mentioned FHWA officials. Two copies of the nomination(s) will be forwarded by the responsible official with recommendations to the FHWA Director, Office of Civil Rights.
    5. The Director, Office of Civil Rights, Washington Headquarters, will review the nominations and present recommendations for decision by the FHWA Administrator.
    6. Nominations for awards can be submitted at any time.

  6. NATURE OF AWARD. A commendation will be signed by the FHWA Administrator and the Director, Office of Civil Rights, for presentation by the Administrator of his/her designee to deserving individuals or organizations.

L. P. Lamm
Executive Director

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