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Federal Highway Administration
Correspondence Manual

Order M 1325.1E - FHWA Correspondence Management

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Chapter 1. General Procedures

  1. What is controlled correspondence?
  2. How are the due dates assigned?
  3. What actions need to be taken if the due date cannot be met?
  4. What are the procedures for interim replies for OST mail?
  5. What are the procedures for acknowledgment letters for correspondence that Washington Headquarters refers to the field offices?
  6. What are the procedures for congressional correspondence that field offices refer to Washington Headquarters?
  7. What are the Associate Administrators' responsibilities?
  8. What are the concurrence and coordination guidelines and procedures for correspondence?

Chapter 2. Preparation of Letters

  1. When should a letter be prepared?
  2. How do I prepare letters?

Chapter 3. Preparation of Congressional Correspondence

  1. What is congressional correspondence?
  2. What are the guidelines for congressional correspondence?

Chapter 4. Preparation of White House Correspondence

  1. What are the types of White House correspondence, and how do I prepare them?

Chapter 5. Preparation of Memorandums

  1. What is a memorandum form?
  2. How do I prepare a memorandum form?
  3. What unit of measurement should be used in the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) reports and correspondence?

Chapter 6. Electronic Transmission of Correspondence

  1. What is the electronic transmission of correspondence?
  2. What are the types of electronic transmission?

Chapter 7. Stationery

  1. What is the definition of stationery?
  2. What is OST stationery?
  3. What is FHWA stationery?
  4. Where do I find electronic letterhead templates?
  5. How do I order stationery?

Chapter 8. Envelopes and Mailing Labels

  1. Where can I obtain guidance on mailing policy and standards?
  2. What are the procedures for addressing envelopes and mailing labels?
  3. What are the procedures for using envelopes?

Appendix A. General Editorial Rules

Appendix B. Acronyms

Appendix C. External and Internal Forms of Address

Appendix D. Preparation of Reports to Congress

Appendix E. Word Usage

Appendix F. Numbers

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