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FHWA Order H 1321.1B

FHWA Distribution System Handbook: Summary Sheet
Classification Code Date Office of Primary Interest
H 1321.1B April 10, 2000 HAIM-10

SUBJECT: FHWA Order 1321.1C, FHWA Directives Management, an amendment to an existing FHWA Order; and new FHWA Order 1340.3, Establishment of the Federal-aid Highway Program Policy and Guidance Center (PGC).

ISSUE: The enclosed Directives require signature by the Administrator.

FHWA POSITION: Signature is recommended.

BACKGROUND: The enclosed Directives contain new direction for the Agency:

  1. The amendment to the Directives Management Order terminates Technical Advisories and the Federal-aid Policy Guide (FAPG) as categories of directives, they are now available via the PGC; and it formally ends the use of a memorandum to issue Agency policy.

  2. The PGC Order establishes new requirements for accessing and maintaining Federal-aid Highway Program policy and guidance.

A summary page of the concurrences from the Associate Administrators, the Chief Counsel, the Chief Financial Officer, the Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office, and the Director of Innovative Program Delivery, is placed under the Concurrence tab. A document outlining the resolution of comments received may also be found under the Concurrence tab. Upon signature, the Directives Manager will ensure the Orders are posted on the FHWA directives Web site.

POINTS OF CONTACT: Hongwei Jeffers, HAIM-12, x65262 for Order 1321.1C; and Michelle Cribbs, HIBT-20, x68792 for Order 1340.3.

SUPERVISORS: Judi Kane, HAIM-10, x69084, and Tom Everett, HIBT-20, x64675.

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