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FHWA Order M1100.1A

FHWA Delegations and Organization Manual
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Part II (Organization and Functions)
Chapter 1 (General)

NOTE: Chapter 1 (General) is currently under revision.

FHWA Organization Chart

Effective November 30, 2013

FHWA Organization Chart

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* The Office of the Administrator includes the Administrator, Deputy Administrator, and the Executive Director. The Office of Innovative Program Delivery, Directors of Field Services (DFS), Office of Technical Services (OTS), Program Manager for Transportation Security, and the Executive Secretariat are extensions of the Executive Director's office. The DFSs provide administrative supervision and leadership on strategic initiatives to their constituent Federal-aid division offices. The Director of Technical Services is responsible for the Resource Center, the National Highway Institute, and Technology Partnership Programs.

** The Intelligent Transportation Systems/Joint Program Office (ITS/JPO), which has a departmentwide role and authority for coordinating ITS program activities and initiatives, is organizationally located within FHWA. The Administrator of the Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA) has primary responsibility for the strategic oversight and direction of the ITS/JPO, including but not limited to, providing policy guidance for ITS programs and activities and coordinating ITS research within the Department. The FHWA Administrator is responsible for ensuring the continuing availability of professional, technical, and administrative services to support the ITS/JPO.

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