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FHWA Order M1100.1A

FHWA Delegations and Organization Manual
Classification Code Date  
M1100.1A September 10, 2002



Chapter 10 (Office of Public Affairs)

  1. What is the mission of the Office of Public Affairs?

    • To promote public understanding of, and support for, FHWA programs, policies, and strategies.

  2. What are the functions of the Office of Public Affairs?

    1. Advocacy. Serves as FHWA's advocate and provides national leadership in both managing media relations and developing and implementing marketing strategies in support of FHWA programs and policies.

    2. Strategic Planning and Quality. Develops and implements action/business plan initiatives in the advancement of DOT and FHWA Strategic Goals, Objectives, and Corporate Management Strategies, in coordination with the agency's virtual Communications Team. Participates in policy development and delivery strategies for communication activities. Initiates quality self-assessments, program evaluations, and system and process improvements to continually improve the quality of communication programs, products, and services.

    3. Legislative/Program. Provides technical support to the Office of the Administrator and the virtual Communications Team in the development, implementation, and analysis of legislative strategies.

    4. Technology Delivery. Supports the Offices of Infrastructure, Operations, Safety, Federal Lands Highway, and Planning, Environment, and Realty, and resource centers, through the virtual Communications Team. Provides leadership and service to Headquarters offices and resource centers in support of cross-cutting marketing, communications strategies, and message development.

    5. Outreach and Consultation. Coordinates with the virtual Communications Team to provide and maintain ongoing communication links with FHWA's customers and partners, OST and other DOT modes, Congress, and other constituencies seeking feedback.

    6. Monitoring and Evaluation. Develops and maintains systems for collecting and analyzing trends to evaluate policy and strategy effectiveness. Uses results to improve program performance.

    7. Research Agenda Scanning. Facilitates the planning and development of a collaborative, inclusive outreach process intended to identify, establish, and nurture marketing partnerships.

    8. National Programs. Provides Agency leadership for policy development and the administration of media relations, communications strategy, and other public affairs. Provides direct support to the Office of the Administrator and OST. Leads the Communications Team in the development and implementation of feedback systems regarding the effectiveness of public affairs efforts.

    9. Communications and Marketing Assistance. Structures and maintains select internal and all external communications, marketing assistance, media relations and other outreach programs, including FHWA News, the Office of the Administrator's Weekly Report, editorial support for Public Roads. Serves as the final point of review for the agency's communications and marketing tools (i.e., publications, etc.).

    10. Professional Development. Identifies and provides opportunities for training and other professional development opportunities to improve message development, marketing, and media relations skills to the agencywide virtual Communications Team. Performs ongoing assessment and evaluation of such training.

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