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FHWA Order M 1100.1.A

FHWA Delegations and Organization Manual
Classification Code Date: Office of Primary Interest
M 1100.1A, Chg. 7 March 29, 1996 HAIM-10

  1. PURPOSE. To issue revised pages to the FHWA Delegations and Organization Manual.

  2. EXPLANATION OF CHANGES. Within Part II (Organization), the following changes have occurred:

    1. Chapter 2 (Office of the Administrator), Section 2 (Office of Chief Counsel), Section 2c (Program Services Division), the division is retitled as the Program Legal Services Division.

    2. Chapter 3 ( Office of Policy), Section 3 (Office of Highway Information Management), Section 3b (Highway Systems Performance Division), all functions related to the national-level Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) database are consolidated into the Office of Highway Information Management by transferring those functions out of the Office of Environment and Planning.

    3. Chapter 5 (Office of Program Development), Section 3 (Office of Environment and Planning), Section 3a (Intermodal and Statewide Programs Division), oversight responsibilities for the HPMS database are deleted out of the Intermodal and Statewide Programs Division's functional statements.

    4. Chapter 7 (Office of Motor Carriers), Section 5 (Office of Motor Carrier Information Analysis), the Licensing and Insurance Division is established to handle the motor carrier licensing and insurance functions that were transferred to FHWA by the Interstate Commerce Commission Termination Act of 1995, P.L. 104-88, signed by the President on December 29.

Rodney E. Slater
Federal Highway Administrator

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