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FHWA Order M 1100.1.A

FHWA Delegations and Organization Manual
Classification Code Date: Office of Primary Interest
M 1100.1A, Chg. 13 December 30, 1997 HAIM-10

  1. PURPOSE. To issue revised pages to the FHWA Delegations and Organization Manual.

  2. EXPLANATION OF CHANGES. The following is a summary of the substantive changes that have occurred within Part I (Delegations of Authority), Chapter 5 (Federal-Aid):

    1. Section 1 is revised as follows:
        (1) Section is retitled "Planning, Research, and Programming," and several of its paragraphs are retitled and reworded to incorporate Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) language and provisions.

        (2) Paragraph 10 (Local Technical Assistance), with regard to approval of States' annual work plans and cost proposals for Technology Transfer Centers, is revised to allow redelegation of authority to Division Administrators and further redelegation within the Division Office.

    2. Section 3 (Engineering and Operations) is revised as follows:

        (1) Paragraph 33 (Program Approvals), referring to outdated [Section 105] annual program approval requirements, is obsolete and therefore deleted and retitled "Reserved."

        (2) Paragraph 34 (Authorization to Proceed), subparagraph i, is revised to delete wording that limits Division Administrators' authority to approve exceptions to design standards for individual projects on the Interstate System.

        (3) Paragraph 37 (Accommodation of Utilities), subparagraph b, is revised to update the reference to the Federal-aid Policy Guide, 23 CFR 645B.

        (4) Paragraph 40 (Public Lands Projects) is revised to delete the exception clause referring to Paragraph 33 (Program Approvals), which is also being deleted.

        (5) Paragraph 41 (Emergency Relief Projects) is revised to eliminate outdated terminology.

        (6) Paragraph 54 (Certification Approvals/Acceptances and Withholding of Funds), is revised as follows:

          (a) Subparagraph a(1) (General) is revised to:

          1. Add the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program certification pursuant to 23 CFR 450.220;

          2. Delete wording on certification of the metropolitan planning process in 23 CFR 450.334 since there is no requirement that FHWA accept the annual self certifications, and the periodic certification of the planning process in areas over 200,000 population is a Federal certification and not a certification submitted by the States.

          3. Use consistent terminology for references to sections of 23 U.S.C. and 23 CFR.

          (b) Subparagraph a(5) (Certification of Toll Credits and Maintenance of Effort) is added with regard to establishing credit for toll revenues as defined in subsection 1044(a) of the ISTEA toward the non-Federal share of projects. Authority to approve certifications submitted by the States is delegated to the Associate Administrator (AA) for Program Development and may be redelegated within headquarters. Approval authority remains within headquarters to ensure consistency in calculation of the credit.

          (c) Subparagraph b (Compliance Actions) is revised to add the AA for Program Development to the current list of delegates authorized to take certain compliance actions in connection with the certifications in subparagraph a.

  3. Minor technical and grammatical changes are not listed here; however, they are reflected by a change line in the Manual text.

Kenneth R. Wykle
Federal Highway Administrator
Federal Highway Administration

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