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FHWA Order M 1324.1, Change 1A
This Directive was canceled November 4, 1999.

Files Management and Records Disposition Manual
Classification Code Date  
M 1324.1, Chng. 1A June 29, 1990  

  1. PURPOSE. To transmit a revised Appendix A, Comprehensive Records Disposition Schedule, of FHWA Order M 1324.1, Files Management and Records Disposition Manual

  2. CANCELLATION. This schedule supersedes all previous disposition schedules used by the Washington Headquarters Offices.

  3. EXPLANATION OF CHANGE. Appendix A of the Manual contains one of two comprehensive schedules, namely, the Records Disposition Schedules for Washington Headquarters Offices and the Records Disposition Schedule for the Regional and Division Offices. This change transmits Records Disposition Schedules for Washington Headquarters Offices. It reflects a Form 115s (SF-115s), Request for Records Disposition Authority, and some technical and editorial changes, not requiring formal National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) approval, which resulted from the recent coordination of this schedule. Additional changes requiring formal NARA approval will be issued in the future.

  4. COMMENTS. On February 22, 1990, the Office of Management Systems distributed drafts of these schedules for comment. Generally, the comments received were favorable to the new format. However, several offices raised issues, which will require the submission of new SF-115s in coordination with the appropriate Washington Headquarters Offices in the near future.


    1. The schedules reflected in this Manual have been approved by NARA; accordingly, the Manual is effective immediately. It should be used for all transfers of records to NARA. Chapter 6 is reserved for the schedule covering the records of the Federal Lands Highway Office. Until the schedule is completed, Federal Lands will continue to use Chapter 5 of this Manual.

      Chapter 7 is reserved for the Associate Administrator for Motor Carriers organization. Until the revised schedule previously submitted to NARA is approved, Motor Carriers will continue to use Chapter 13; upon approval, the revised schedule will be incorporated into the Manual as Chapter 7. Chapter 10 is reserved for the records of the Office of Program Review which are presently unscheduled. Revisions to other Chapters of the Manual will be made to more accurately reflect the FHWA organization. This Manual will be revised to reflect those changes as the schedules are approved.

    2. The current reserved chapters and newly developed schedules will be distributed under separate cover when completed and approved by NARA.

      Original signed by:

      George S. Moore, Jr.
      Associate Administrator for Administration

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