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This Directive was canceled November 4, 1999.

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M 1324.1, Chng. 1

June 19, 1990

  1. PURPOSE. To transmit Appendix A, Comprehensive Records Disposition Schedule for Regional and Division offices to FHWA Order M 1324.1, Files Management and Records Disposition Manual.

  2. CANCELLATION. This schedule supersedes all previous disposition schedules (Standard Form 115s issued August 1988) used by FHWA field offices, except those used by the Federal Lands Highway Divisions.

  3. EXPLANATION OF CHANGE. Appendix A of the Manual will contain two comprehensive schedules, namely, the Records Disposition Schedules for Washington Headquarters Offices and the Records Disposition Schedule for the Regional and Division Offices. This change covers the Regional and Division Office schedules. It reflects a comprehensive reformatting and indexing of existing Standard Form 115s (SF- 115), Request for Records Disposition Authority, and some technical and editorial changes not requiring formal National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) approval that grew out of the recent coordination of this schedule. Additional changes requiring formal NARA approval will be issued in the future.

  4. COMMENTS. On February 14, 1990, the Office of Management Systems (OMS) distributed drafts of these schedules for comment. On the whole, the comments received were favorable to the new format. However, several classes of comment deserve clarification:

    1. Many editorial corrections were included in the comments received. The OMS has incorporated those corrections into the schedules.

    2. Some respondents pointed out technical problems that exist on the schedules. These were part of the original SF-115s. The OMS plans to include appropriate changes in revised SF-115s.

    3. Several divisions indicated that series descriptions were too specific for use in division offices. Where possible, division offices should apply disposition authorities as they appear in these schedules. However, OMS will develop a separate chapter on records series unique to division offices to address this problem.

    4. Some respondents indicated that there was insufficient differentiation between series maintained by the regional offices ans series maintained by division offices. This issue will also be addressed as revised SF-115s are developed..

    5. Some respondents disagreed with specific retention periods. These schedules were developed for use by all regional and division offices, ans some compromises had to be made. Adjustments will be considered during the development of revised SF-115s.

    6. There were several comments pointing out obsolete organizational alignments (such as the combination of motor carrier and highway safety records in the same chapter) and terminology. Again, appropriate changes will be reflected in revised SF-115s.


    1. Except for the Federal Lands chapter, which is reserved pending its completion, this schedule replaces existing SF-115s, and is effective immediately. It should be used for all transfers of records to NARA.

    2. Chapter 5, Federal Lands Highways, will be distributed under separate cover when completed and approved by NARA.

    3. The OMS, in close cooperation with the Regional Offices, will initiate a process for revision the attached schedule to accommodate field concerns that could not be incorporated herein.

Original signed by:

George S. Moore, Jr.
Associate Administrator for Administration

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