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This Directive was canceled February 10, 2006.

Personnel Management Manual: Chapter 9: Awards and Employee Recognition, Section 3: Length of Service Recognition
Classification Code Date
M3000.1B June 28, 1996  


  1. Purpose

  2. References

  3. General

  1. PURPOSE. To provide guidelines for the administration of the length-of-service recognition program in the Federal Highway Administration.


    1. Title 5, Code of Federal Regulations 451.101-106 and

    2. Departmental Personnel Manual (DPM) 451.

  3. GENERAL. Employees will be recognized for their total creditable service with the Federal government. This service need not be continuous and includes military service and service in other Federal agencies.

    1. Career Service Recognition. Career service emblems will be granted at 5 year intervals. Career service certificates will be granted in addition to the emblems toemployees who have 30 or more years of service. These certificates will be granted in 5 year intervals.

    2. Procedures. On a quarterly basis, the Office of Personnel and Training will furnish to each servicing personnel office and each Headquarters Program Coordinator a computer listing of all employees under each jurisdiction who become eligible for length-of-service emblems during the next quarter. The OPT will prepare length-of-service certificates for signature by the Administrator.

    3. Presentation of Awards. Unit Managers will be responsible for ensuring the appropriate presentation of length-of-service awards within the quarter in which the employee becomes eligible.
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