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INFORMATION: Highway Traffic Noise January 2, 1997
Director, Office of Environment and Planning HEP-40
Regional Administrators
Federal Lands Highway Program Administrator

The report "Sound Procedures for Measuring Highway Noise- Final Report," dated August 1 981, presented noise measurement procedures for use by Federal, State, or local transportation departments. The Volpe National Transportation Systems Center Acoustics Facility, in support of the FHWA, has developed a new measurement manual entitled "Measurement of Highway-Related Noise." This new report will replace the previous one,

The report incorporates improvements and changes in noise measurement technologies that have occurred over time and documents recommended procedures for the measurement of the following-.

The report should be useful to all individuals involved with measurement activities related to highway traffic noise. Sufficient copies have been provided for forwarding one copy to each division and one copy to each State DOT. Copies may also be purchased from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), 5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, Virginia 22161, telephone (703) 487-4650. The NTIS publication number is PB 9712 0489.

If you have any questions concerning the measurement manual, you may contact Bob Armstrong or Steve Ronning at (202) 366-2073 or (202) 366-2078, respectively,

Kevin E. Heanue

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