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INFORMATION: Reporting Requirements for Bid Tabulations, Forms FHWA-45 and FHWA-47
(Reply due: July 5, 1994)

Acting Chief, Federal-Aid and Design Division OPI: HNG-13
Regional Administrators
Division Administrators

By memorandum dated March 4, 1994, we outlined reporting requirements for the subject data collections. In order to better supply our customers and particularly the Department of Commerce, which uses the Bid Price Index data in the development of the Gross Domestic Product estimates, we are revising the submission date for the form FHWA-45.

Beginning with the current quarter, please submit all FHWA-45 data, both paper forms, computer disks or E-mail transmissions, to Headquarters (HNG-13) within 2 weeks of the date of award, but no later than the 5th calendar day after the end of the quarter. For example, data for the second quarter of 1994 should be in Headquarters by July 5. This will enable us to develop bid price index numbers by mid-July. We recognize that data from contracts awarded in late June may not be available by July 5. In such instances, the late June data may be submitted with the data for the next quarter.

Several questions have been raised by field offices about reporting requirements for projects exempt from FHWA’s oversight as provided by 23 U.S.C. 106. The forms FHWA-45, FHWA-47, and bid tabulations are to be submitted to Headquarters for all Federal-aid highway projects located on the National Highway System, including those administered under the Section 106 exemptions, certification acceptance, etc., and regardless of the FHWA role in oversight. Reporting thresholds for the 3 systems were outlined in the March 4 memorandum. The following attachments were included in the March 4, memorandum: Forms FHWA-45, FHWA-47, Bid Tabulations, and the Metric Conversion Table.

We appreciate your efforts in meeting these reporting requirements.

Original signed by:
Jerry L. Poston for
Seppo I. Sillan

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