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Another big thing of one of our projects was Safe Routes to School. One of the biggest issues in Georgia is childhood obesity. And it is sad to see how close some children live to school and how hard it is for them to walk to school, not just because of the physical aspect or physical, not having the physical ability to do it, but because buses will pick you up if you live a quarter mile from the school. So, we've gone in there and tried to provide the necessary infrastructure, such as sidewalks, crossing signs, reduced speed limits, to get children more active.

So, before where schools were busing children within a quarter-mile radius, now we've extended it to a half-a-mile radius. Only if you live at a half-a-mile point will the bus pick you up. From a half a mile to the school, then you have to walk. So we've seen an increase in the number of children walking to school. And we're trying to make it fun for them too, not just, you know, walk to school. But we've had parent champions. We actually had a big event called the Walk with the Mayor, where the mayor picks up children in a walking school bus, the parents drop them off at a certain location, and they all walk together.

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