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In the Bear Lake Valley, Garden City specifically at this point, we're even seeing some economic development from the use of the pathway. There's one business that's opened up, not as a bicycle shop, but they rent kind of novelty bikes for visitors to use, and some of them are, you know, kind of like sit down, recumbent-type bikes, and there's others that are like six-seater bikes. And I don't know how to express what this actually looks like. It's not like a double bike where you've got a person in the front and a person in the back. It's two rows of seats where you can seat three people in the front and three in the back. And you see families in these things all the time, you know, laughing and giggling their way up and down this bike path.

So, it's, you know, it's helped businesses, and I'm sure if we had more miles of pathway there'd be even more reason to have one. We've even had people who cycle through the area, you know, on their way from Salt Lake City to Yellowstone, or, you know, there's bike groups that just show up, you know, to ride up in the area. And they ... as we get to visiting with them as locals, they have ... almost every bike club has said, "Why don't you guys have a bike store up here?" There is nobody to service bikes, nobody to sell, you know, bike things to, and we hope that will open up one of those avenues in the near future as well.

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Updated: 1/3/2014
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