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Some of the major rail investment that is taking place over 130 miles of fixed rail corridor that is a combination of commuter rail and light rail that connect the universities with the medical centers with the Salt Lake Airport, along ... stretching along the entire Wasatch Front for some 80 miles. So, it's a significant investment for an intermountain state that's maybe perceived as being more conservative. And so, this is unique for a western state to have that much investment going into transit.

In addition, we have roadway projects that we're working on from a self-help perspective. Utah looks at solving its transportation problems by looking to itself first rather than looking to the Federal Government. An example of that is a piece of Interstate 15 that we're rebuilding right now, using no Federal funds at all. It's all State funds and local funds. One point seven billion dollar project with no Federal funds in this at all. This is all Federal and local, excuse me, all State and local funds.

The county that this is being rebuilt in is a self-help county, where they've taxed themselves with a quarter cent [ph.] sales tax to help pay for this. So, the idea that if we want some of these projects to take place and happen, we're the first ones that need to step up to the plate to make those happen.

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Updated: 1/3/2014
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