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FHWA Missouri Division Semi-Annual Stewardship Report
April 2012



To improve FHWA's stewardship role and to provide better visibility of the Missouri Division's work efforts, we are providing a semi-annual report to our partners outlining the work efforts made throughout the year. Together with MoDOT, we strive to provide a fast, safe, efficient, accessible, and convenient transportation system for Missouri.

We are very pleased to inform you that our Division received the Organizational Excellence Administrator's Award for the work accomplished in Fiscal Year 2011. We acknowledge MoDOT's contribution to our Division receiving the award and we would like to say thank you for improving Missouri's performance towards a better transportation system. We appreciate the partnership approach by MoDOT in their effort to maximize funding for Missouri's highways.

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This report communicates the Division's progress towards our Performance Year1 2012 goals. We highlighted some of our activities performed to assist MoDOT and local agencies in delivering projects. Presented throughout this report are figures of project delivery measures, some of which MoDOT requested to be included. We will continue to add to and/or revise the performance measures for future reporting and welcome any suggestions.

1 FHWA Performance Year is from June 1 to May 31.

Photo taken during Joyce Curtis, Northern Director of Field Services (DFS) 2012 visit.

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Mitigating Our Program Risks

Annually, we conduct a joint risk assessment with MoDOT that identifies strategies to improve the current state of the program. These and other corporate strategies are then identified in our Performance Plan for the next year. We will continue to evolve our risk assessment process and will modify our procedures to reflect appropriate changes as required by the agency. Below are three joint reviews FHWA and MoDOT conducted this year in response to our risk assessment.

DBE CUT Program Review

ADA Compliance Review

LPA Grants Management Review

Moving Projects Faster In Missouri To Free Up Federal Funds For Future Projects

Figure 1. Inactive Obligation Rates by Quarter since 2006

Inactive Obligation Rates

Inactive obligations make up 3% or $23.6M of Missouri's apportionment.

65% associated with local projects.

Average LPA project costs $500,000 in Federal funds.

Though Missouri has experienced a decrease in the percent of inactive obligations, we believe there is more that can be done to reduce our numbers further. Our goal is to eliminate inactive obligations to ensure available funding can be used on future construction projects.

Suggested Improvements:

1. Complete a follow-up review to the 2008 Project Closure Review to assess improvements made.

2. Implement a more aggressive monitoring process.

Figure 2. Kevin’s Key Initiatives for Performance Year 2012

Key Initatives Chart

These are shared with MoDOT Leadership each year and are discussed monthly at the Division Leadership Team meetings. At these meetings, each Team Leader provides an update on the status of their activity that was identified as a key initiative. This board allows the Division to prioritize their work and to keep a focus on what is important.

Meeting Our Commitments As Outlined In Our Partnering Agreements

Figure 3. FMIS Projects – New and Modified Approvals

FMIS New and Modified Approvals Chart
Source: FHWA FMIS Project Transaction Reports

As outlined in our partnering agreements, we measure the number of days between MoDOT's final review and FHWA's final review of each transaction. Our agreement states we will approve 90% of these projects within 10 business days. This goal was met in 7 of 9 months.

Figure 4. FMIS Projects – Project Closures

FMIS Project Closures Chart
Source: FHWA FMIS Project Transaction Reports

We met our goal 100% of the time. An average of 79% of the projects were signed in 5 days or less.

Increased Project Visibility, Decrease Full Oversight

Figure 5. Increased Review of Full Oversight Projects

Increased Review of Full Oversight Projects Chart
Source: FHWA Inspection Reports

The Division has completed 101 construction inspections for the Performance Year on Full Oversight projects, exceeding their goal of 60. This number includes the Full Oversight American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) projects and Local Public Agency (LPA) projects. The Division completed 36 ARRA and 65 non-ARRA full oversight inspections for a total of 101.

Figure 6. Emergency Relief Inspections Completed in PY 12

Emergency Relief Inspections Chart
Source: FHWA Inspection Reports

Due to last year's natural disasters, the Division diligently completed 55 site damage inspection reports with 775 hours devoted to Emergency Response activities. We facilitated the approval of the Disaster Summary Report in February that approved $21 million in ER funding for the 2011 flooding and tornados.

Figure 7. Spot Checks Completed on State Administered Projects in PY 12:

Spot Checks Completed Chart
Source: FHWA Inspection Reports

The Division set a goal of completing 10% (55) spot checks on state administered, non-LPA, projects by the end of the PY. The Division completed 33 spot checks in March 2012.

Figure 8. Access Justification Reports

Access Justification Reports Chart
Source: FHWA Inspection Reports

A total of 11 AJR Requests were reviewed by the Division between CY 2010 and 2012. Of the 11 requests, two were not approved because the city did not choose to move forward on one and there were design problems that could create unsafe situations on the other.


Ashley Scheulen
Program Management Analyst
Missouri Division
(573) 638-2614

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