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Certain HF, FE, and FA-series tables in the Highway Statistics 1995 are revised to reflect US Treasury Department's December 1996 restatement of FY 1995 Federal Highway Trust Fund (HTF) receipts. The revised tables are:

The tables initially published in the annual Highway Statistics 1995 publication were based on the Treasury HTF income which was overstated by approximately $1.59 billion due to an error in reconciling estimated 1994 HTF receipts to actual tax collections. The US Treasury Department's December 1996 restatements revised both FY 1994 and FY 1995 HTF receipt statements to credit the $1.59 billion to FY 1994, and reduce FY 1995 correspondingly. In addition, several charts on this area are also revised.

Also, Apportionment of Federal Funds & by the Federal Highway Administration for Fiscal Year 1996 (FA-4) is revised. The National Highway System apportionments for the U.S. Territories were not included in the published original FA-4. The correct amounts are included in the revised Table FA-4 in the " National Highway System" column. In addition, the original Table FA-4 reported obligation limitation in the column entitled "Highway Safety". The revised FA-4 reports apportionments in that column.

DL-20--Distribution of Licensed Drivers--l995 has been revised to correct the Drivers as Percent of Age Group columns in the ages 20 and up.

FA- 10--Obligation of Federal-Aid Highway Funds for Highway Improvements--1995 has been revised to contain information on reconstuction data now available from the Fiscal Management . Information System. The reconstruction data is split into "Reconstruction: Added Capacity" and "Reconstruction: No Added Capacity. "