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January 2003

Office of Highway Policy Information - Federal Highway Administration

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HPMS and TranStats | 2001 NHTS Rollout | Highway Finance Notes | Motor Fuel Notes

This edition is in electronic (web) only format.

HPMS and TranStats

The Office of Highway Policy Information, in cooperation with the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), is in the process of enhancing the BTS Internet-based data tool "TranStats". The intent of this enhancement is to facilitate user-based data viewing and analysis of various HPMS transportation data via the Internet. The form of this tool has two basic components: viewing data in a mapped-based GIS environment, and querying data and displaying reports in chart and tabular form. Both of these components have been designed to ease the use via simple point-and-click items and pull-down menu tools.

The HPMS Mapping Center was designed to give the user the ability to display single and multiple years of data for several HPMS coded and calculated data items, as well as access individual HPMS data records from a map. The multi-year display of HPMS data should prove a useful tool in analyzing various data trends. Similarly, the chart and table capabilities of TranStats allow the user to display and view single and multiple years of various types of HPMS data in tabular, as well as various graphical formats.

Future enhancements to the HPMS portion of TranStats will include improved data query capabilities and filtering tools based on multiple, user-defined data attributes.

We encourage you to visit the HPMS portion of the TranStats site at: https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/policy/ohpi/hpms/index.htm or via the BTS site at: www.bts.gov. Comments or suggestions regarding the content and usability of the functions and be forwarded to Robert Rozycki at: robert.rozycki@fhwa.dot.gov or Tom Roff: at: thomas.roff@fhwa.dot.gov. (or call 202-366-0175)

2001 National Household Travel Survey (NHTS) Rollout

The rollout of the long awaited National Household Travel Survey (NHTS) 2001 will be held on Sunday, January 12, 2003 at the Washington Hilton Hotel (Lincoln East Room) during the annual 2003 Transportation Research Board meeting. The survey combined the efforts of the Federal Highway Administration's Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey (NPTS), and the Bureau of Transportation Statistic's American Travel Survey (ATS), which were conducted separately in previous years (1995 was the last full survey). The emphasis of the NPTS focused on the daily, local trips, while the ATS collected longer distance travel. The survey provides the full continuum of travel, and supplies national estimates of trips and miles by travel mode, purpose of the trip, and other vital travel and demographic information.

More information can be found on the NHTS web site after January 10, 2003 at www.fhwa.dot.gov/nhts or you may send email to Bryant.Gross@fhwa.dot.gov or call 202-366-0160.

Highway Finance Notes

The Office of Highway Policy Information (HPPI) of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is hosting a special meeting for FHWA field and State transportation and revenue staff to discuss Highway Finance Reporting - "Smart Tool and Other Current Issues."

When: Tuesday April 8 - Wednesday April 9, 2003

Where: National Highway Institute (NHI): 4600 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 700, Arlington, VA 22203. (see www.nhi.fhwa.dot.gov for more information about the facility)

States should be represented to participate in this meeting for the following reasons:

Motor Fuel Notes

The Office of Highway Policy Information of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is hosting two special meetings for FHWA field and State transportation and revenue staff to discuss "Motor-Fuel/Highway Trust Fund Data - Current Issues." The meetings are as follows:

Eastern Motor Fuel : Where: The Westin Peachtree Plaza, 210 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30303: When: February 5/6, 2003: For reservations call (404) 659-1400

Western Motor Fuel: Where: Hyatt Regency Sacramento at Capitol Park, 1209 L Street, Sacramento, California 95814, When: February 18/19, 2003: For reservations call: (916) 443-1234

States are invited to participate in discussion and breakout sessions on the following issues:

You may contact Sheila Moore by fax (865) 574-3851 or email mooresa@ornl.gov if you need further assistance.

Office of Highway Policy Information

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