Vol. 3 No. 2

December 22, 1998

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Federal Highway Administration

Office of Highway Information Management

Total State Disbursements for Highways--1997

Recently published information in the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Highway Statistics--1997 shows that States spent about $74 billion for highways including Federal-aid.

The following chart displays the components of the $74 billion in State expenditures for highways: 8.34 percent ($6.17 billion) went for new route and bridge construction; 39.9 percent ($29.55 billion) went for other capital improvements on existing highways; 10.7 percent ($7.91 billion)for physical maintenance; 4.6 percent ($3.42 billion) for traffic services; 6.2 percent ($4.57 billion) for administration, planning, and research; 6.7 percent ($4.93 billion) for highway law enforcement and safety; 14.6 percent ($10.81 billion) for grants-in-aid; and 9.0 percent ($6.63 billion) for debt service.


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If spending by all levels of government is considered, total highway expenditures exceeded $100 billion in 1997 for the first time. In Spring 1999, FHWA will publish its annual Highway Funding Bulletin which will give additional highway finance data, including estimates of capital spending for the TEA-21 years of 1998 (partial TEA-21 year) and 1999.

The State and local financial information collected and published by FHWA is recognized as the most complete and authoritative source of information of its type and is used by FHWA to support its responsibilities to Congress and the public. This information is published annually in Highway Statistics and used in the development of Federal Highway legislation, apportionment of Federal funds to the States, the determination of national investment requirements, and a wide range of other purposes. From an FHWA perspective, the information in Highway Statistics meet the Federal need of providing a national perspective on highway program activities. Other users should exercise care in using this information for other purposes. The Introduction to Highway Statistics cautions users regarding State comparisons and that, if users want to conduct peer comparisons, suggestions are made on how to carefully select comparable States.

These data are available at the Office of Highway Information Management Web site https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/ohim/hs97/hfpage.htm under the State Highway Finance, SF series tables.

Additional information is available by contacting Ralph Erickson at the Office of Highway Information Management, Highway Funding and Motor Fuel Division, telephone (202) 366-9235.

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