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Motor Fuel Trends

Gasoline Sales

Based on reports of 49 States, gasoline consumption for January-July 2001 increased by 1.5 percent compared to the same period in 2000.(1) During this period, vehicle-miles of travel increased by 0.6 percent.

The gasoline volume shown in this report is a cumulative tabulation of gross volume reported by wholesale distributors to State motor fuel tax agencies. It includes highway use, nonhighway use and losses. There is a lag of up to 6 weeks between the wholesale transactions reported and retail sales to consumers. Travel trends are reported monthly in Traffic Volume Trends based on actual traffic counts at permanent traffic recorders operated by the State highway agencies and, thus, reflect only highway use of fuel. The vehicle-miles reported include all vehicles, regardless of fuel type. While data in both reports reflect changes in trends, large monthly changes can be caused by exceptional weather conditions, variations in timing of holidays, or processing delays.

Motor Fuel Taxation

All States levy volume taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel. The rates in effect for 2001 are shown in Table MF-121T. The gasoline rates vary from a low of 7.5 cents per gallon to 29 cents with an average of 19.96 cents. Four States provide for full or partial exemptions for gasohol, a blend of 90 percent gasoline and 10 percent fuel alcohol. Diesel fuel rates vary from 7.5 cents to 30.9 cents per gallon.

Traditionally, State fuel tax rates could only be changed with legislation, but 11 States now have variable rate motor fuel taxes. These taxes are adjusted at specified intervals--annually, semiannually, or quarterly--usually on the basis of an index or formula specified in the enabling legislation. These States are identified in the notes on Table MF-121T. Adjustments to variable rate taxes are announced by State tax agencies shortly before the effective date of the change. In addition to rate changes under variable rate tax laws, the following rate changes are anticipated through the end of 2002:

HawaiiEffective 1/1/02, alternative fuels pay an amount proportional to the diesel tax (round to the nearest .1 cent and also add 1 cent to these amounts)--ethanol .29 times the diesel tax rate, bio-diesel .50 times the diesel tax rate, and LPG .33 times the diesel tax rate.
KansasEffective 7/1/01, gasoline and gasohol will increase to 21 cents per gallons, diesel will increase to 23 cents per gallons, and LPG will increase to 20 cents per gallon. Effective 7/1/03, gasoline and gasohol will increase to 22 cents per gallon, diesel will increase to 24 cents per gallon, and LPG will increase to 21 cents per gallon.
MississippiEffective by administration certification of two State programs, special fuel rates will drop to 14.75 cents per gallon.
WisconsinEffective 4/1/02, gasoline and diesel increased to 28.1 cents per gallon.
Effective 4/1/02, LPG increased to 20.6 cents per gallon.
Effective 4/1/02, compressed natural gas increased to 22.5 cents per gallon.

1 This percentage change is a comparison for those States for which data are available for the report month. However, the percentage increase on the national map is a comparison of cumulative data for all States for which both 2000 and 2001 data are available.

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