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Cost of Owning and Operation Automobiles, Vans, and Light Trucks - 2001

Cents Per Mile 1/

SizeCost 2/Characteristics 3/
Subcompact32.24 cyclinder, Avg MPG = 32
Compact42.34 cyclinder, Avg MPG = 23
Intermediate46.96 cyclinder, Avg MPG = 20
Full-Size Vehicle51.16 cyclinder, Avg MPG = 19
Compact Pickup40.24 cyclinder, Avg MPG = 18
Full-Size Pickup47.78 cyclinder, Avg MPG = 13
Compact Utility45.64 cyclinder, Avg MPG = 15
Intermediate Utility51.46 cyclinder, Avg MPG = 15
Full-size Utility52.98 cyclinder, Avg MPG = 13
Mini-Van50.76 cyclinder, Avg MPG = 17
Full-Size Van52.06 cyclinder, Avg MPG = 13

1/ Total costs over 5 years, based on 70,000 miles.

2/ Includes depreciation, financing, insurance, registration fees, taxes, fuel maintenance, and repairs.

3/ Average MPG reflect city, excluding highway. Source: Federal Highway Administration estimates based on the 2001 editions of The Complete Car Cost Guide and Complete Small Truck Guide from Intellichoice, Inc., and sales figures from Automotive News.

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