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Principal Classes of Motor-Vehicle Deaths

FATALITIES (Total) 1/41,821
Total Vehicle Occupants 36,249
Total Non-Occupants5,572
Total Day20,744
Total Night20,710
URBAN (Total)15,947
Vehicle Occupants (Urban)12,179
Non-Occupants (Urban)3,768
Vehicle Occupants (Urban) by Day5,695
Vehicle Occupants (Urban) by Night6,440
Non Occupants (Urban) by Day1,436
Non Occupants (Urban) by Night2,315
Urban (Day)7,131
Urban (Night)8,755
RURAL (Total)24,524
Vehicle Occupants (Rural)22,869
Non Occupants (Rural)1,655
Vehicle Occupants (Rural) by Day12,314
Vehicle Occupants (Rural) by Night10,274
Non Occupants - (Rural) by Day594
Non Occupants - (Rural) by Night1,042
Rural (Day)12,908
Rural (Night)11,316

1/ Included in the total deaths reportd are 1,350 deaths were urban/rural status, time of day, or location was unkown.

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS).

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