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Obligation of Federal Funds for Roadway Projects by Improvement Types on the National Highway System (NHS) and Total (On & Off the NHS)

Category2000 on NHS%2000 Total%
New Route1,158,272 15%2,274,082 14%
Capacity Additions2,525,765 32%5,108,217 32%
System Preservation4,260,276 54%8,810,789 54%
Total7,944,313 100%16,193,088 100%

Note: Capacity addition improvements include Relocation, some Reconstruction, Major Widening, and Reconstruction-added capacity. The portion of reconstruction miles resulting in capacity improvements is estimated for 1994-based on new detail available beginning with the 1995 data. System preservation improvements include some Reconstruction, Minor Widening, Restoration and Rehabilitation, Resurfacing, and Reconstruction-no added capacity. Excludes certain improvement types such as Safety/Traffic/Traffic System Management, Environmentally- related Projects, Special Bridge Programs and Other projects.

Source: Fiscal Management Information System.

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