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Photograph of the book cover for the "Highway Statistics Summary To 1995" publication featuring covers from previous years.

Section I .... Motor Fuel


The information below is organized in to three formats, MS Excel (ver 5.0) Lotus 123 (ver 3), and PDF.

If you chose to download the data in Excel or Lotus, you will be downloading, if available, the State-by-State background data that went into building the summary table. These files will be updated periodically to include more archival data as it becomes available in PC format.

Analysis of motor-fuel use:

Table/ChartUpdatedOriginal Download Format
Date (HTML)ExcelLotus 123PDFExcelLotus 123PDF
Motor-fuel gallonage taxes, 1950-1995 (Table MF-202)   mf202.xlw (71 KB) mf202.wk4 (55 KB) mf202.pdf (68 KB)
Motor fuel use, 1919-1995 (Table MF-221)   mf221.xlw (36 KB) mf221.wk4 (27 KB) mf221.pdf (27 KB)
Private and commercial highway use of special fuels, by State, 1949-1995 (Table MF-225)   mf225.xlw (88 KB) mf225.wk4 (54 KB) mf225.pdf (87 KB)
Highway use of gasoline, by State, 1949-1995 (Table MF-226)   mf226.xlw (95 KB) mf226.wk4 (57 KB) mf226.pdf (89 KB)
Gasohol sales by State, 1980-1992 (Table MF-233GLA)   mf233gla.xlw (19 KB) mf233gla.wk4 (15 KB) mf233gla.pdf (25 KB)
Estimated use of gasohol, 1993-1995 (Table MF-233E)   mf233e.xlw (19 KB) mf233e.wk4 (16 KB) mf233e.pdf (27 KB)

Rates and revenues:

Table/ChartUpdatedOriginal Download Format
Date (HTML)ExcelLotus 123PDFExcelLotus 123PDF
State motor-fuel tax receipts, 1919-1995 (Table MF-201)   mf201.xlw (14 KB) mf201.wk4 (14 KB) mf201.pdf (16 KB)
State motor fuel taxes and related receipts, 1950-1995 (Table MF-201A) Jan 2003 mf201a.xls (102 KB) mf201a.wk4 (652 KB) mf201a.pdf (410 KB) mf201a.xlw (164 KB) mf201a.wk4 (140 KB) mf201a.pdf (98 KB)
State and Federal motor fuel tax rates, 1919-1995 (Table MF-205)   mf205.xlw (41 KB) mf205.wk4 (28 KB) mf205.pdf (25 KB)

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