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Table 1 - Estimated Individual Monthly Motor Vehicle Travel In The United States

2001 Individual Monthly Vehicle-Miles of Travel In Billions *
Rural Interstate19.418.622.222.723.824.
Rural Other Arterial30.729.534.735.137.637.940.339.835.237.034.734.0
Other Rural29.227.932.933.336.035.636.936.733.235.232.331.2
Urban Interstate30.629.233.333.435.134.634.835.331.934.133.232.9
Urban Other Arterial70.366.876.775.278.778.078.180.471.578.075.475.2
Other Urban28.727.631.431.432.832.132.433.
All Systems208.8199.5231.2231.1244.0242.3248.5251.3224.2239.7229.2227.7
2002 Individual Monthly Vehicle-Miles of Travel In Billions *
Rural Interstate20.219.723.222.9        
Rural Other Arterial31.430.735.235.8        
Other Rural29.928.632.833.5        
Urban Interstate31.430.133.834.2        
Urban Other Arterial71.168.576.276.1        
Other Urban29.328.531.532.0        
All Systems213.3206.1232.7234.5        
Percent Change In Individual Monthly Travel 2001 vs. 2002
Rural Interstate4.        
Rural Other Arterial2.        
Other Rural2.52.7-0.20.7        
Urban Interstate2.        
Urban Other Arterial1.12.5-0.71.2        
Other Urban2.        
All Systems2.        

*System entries may not add to give "All Systems" total due to rounding.

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