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Traffic Volume Trends-Rural
Estimated Vehicle Miles (Millions) and Percent Change
from Same Period Previous Year (Include Preliminary Data for March 2002)

Year 2002
Rural Interstate%Rural Other Arterial%Other Rural%Total Rural%All Systems%
Jan20,198 4.1Jan31,441 2.4Jan29,890 2.5Jan81,529 2.9Jan213,322 2.2
Feb19,656 5.9Feb30,739 4.0Feb28,618 2.7Feb79,013 4.0Feb206,120 3.3
Mar23,189 4.6Mar35,171  1.4Mar32,841  -0.2Mar91,201 1.6Mar232,701 0.7
Q163,043 4.8Q197,351 2.5Q191,349 1.6Q1251,743 2.8Q1652,143 2.0
Apr0 -Apr0 -Apr0 -Apr0 -Apr0 -
May0 -May0 -May0 -May0 -May0 -
Jun0 -Jun0 -Jun0 -Jun0 -Jun0 -
Q20 -Q20 -Q20 -Q20 -Q20 -
1st Half63,0434.81st Half97,3512.51st Half91,3491.61st Half251,7432.81st Half652,1432.0
Jul0 -Jul0 -Jul0 -Jul0 -Jul0 -
Aug0 -Aug0 -Aug0 -Aug0 -Aug0 -
Sep0 -Sep0 -Sep0 -Sep0 -Sep0 -
Q30 -Q30 -Q30 -Q30 -Q30 -
  3 Qs63,0434.8  3 Qs97,3512.5  3 Qs91,3491.6  3 Qs251,7432.8  3 Qs652,1432.0
Oct0 -Oct0 -Oct0 -Oct0 -Oct0 -
Nov0 -Nov0 -Nov0 -Nov0 -Nov0 -
Dec0 -Dec0 -Dec0 -Dec0 -Dec0 -
Q40 -Q40 -Q40 -Q40 -Q40 -
2nd Half0 4.82nd Half0 -2nd Half0 -2nd Half0 -2nd Half0-

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