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Traffic Volume Trends - Urban
Estimated Vehicle Miles (Millions) and Percent Change
from Same Period Previous Year (Includes Preliminary Data for September 2002)

Year 2001
Urban Interstate%Urban Other Arterial%Other Urban%Total Urban%All Systems%
Jan30,700 3.7Jan71,049 3.7Jan27,849 -0.3Jan129,598 2.8Jan209,258 2.8
Feb29,303 0.8Feb67,546 1.4Feb26,703 -2.6Feb123,552 0.4Feb199,909 0.3
Mar33,386 0.1Mar77,557 0.2Mar30,417 -3.7Mar141,360 -0.7Mar231,488 -0.5
Q193,389 1.5Q1216,152 1.7Q184,969 -2.3Q1394,510 0.7Q1640,656 0.8
Apr33,486 2.8Apr75,997 2.0Apr30,473 -1.3Apr139,956 1.4Apr231,365 1.6
May35,192 1.2May79,525 1.4May31,765 -2.5May146,482 0.5May244,254 0.7
Jun34,761 0.2Jun78,742 -0.1Jun31,056 -3.7Jun144,559 -0.8Jun242,578 -0.2
Q2103,439 1.4Q2234,264 1.0Q293,294 -2.5Q2430,997 0.3Q2718,196 0.7
1st Half196,8281.41st Half450,4161.31st Half178,263-2.41st Half825,5070.51st Half1,358,8520.7
Jul34,937 2.6Jul78,835 2.0Jul31,377 -2.1Jul145,149 1.2Jul248,786 1.5
Aug35,432 1.4Aug81,305 1.8Aug32,024 -1.3Aug148,761 1.0Aug251,689 1.6
Sep32,072 -1.3Sep72,245 -1.4Sep29,075 -3.9Sep133,392 -2.0Sep224,571 -1.2
Q3102,441 0.9Q3232,385 0.8Q392,476 -2.4Q3427,302 0.1Q3725,045 0.7
3 Qs299,2691.23 Qs682,8011.23 Qs270,739-2.43 Qs1,252,8090.43 Qs2,083,8970.7
Oct34,231 1.4Oct78,856 2.0Oct31,024 -2.4Oct144,111 0.9Oct239,999 1.5
Nov33,333 2.7Nov76,125 2.1Nov29,985 -0.1Nov139,443 1.8Nov229,480 3.0
Dec33,056 4.4Dec75,945 3.2Dec31,016 0.8Dec140,017 2.9Dec228,087 4.4
Q4100,620 2.8Q4230,926 2.4Q492,025 -0.6Q4423,571 1.8Q4697,565 2.9
2nd Half203,0611.82nd Half463,3111.62nd Half184,501-1.52nd Half850,8731.02nd Half1,422,6101.8


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