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Traffic Volume Trends - Urban
Estimated Vehicle Miles (Millions) and Percent Change from Same Period Previous Year
(Includes Preliminary Data for August 2003)

Year 2003
Urban Interstate%Urban Other Arterial%Other Urban%Total Urban%All Systems%
Jan32,160 2.0Jan71,841 -0.1Jan28,568 0.9Jan132,569 0.7Jan215,579 0.9
Feb29,562 -2.2Feb67,458 -2.7Feb26,758 -2.6Feb123,778 -2.5Feb200,599 -2.8
Mar33,956 0.2Mar77,102 -0.5Mar30,441 -0.4Mar141,499 -0.3Mar233,393 -0.2
Q195,678 0.0Q1216,401 -1.1Q185,767 -0.7Q1397,846 -0.7Q1649,571 -0.7
Apr34,489 1.1Apr76,792 -0.4Apr31,036 0.1Apr142,317 0.1Apr235,891 0.5
May36,153 0.4May80,021 -0.7May32,313 0.3May148,577 -0.2May250,121 0.2
Jun35,981 1.3Jun79,835 1.1Jun31,962 1.9Jun147,778 1.4Jun249,654 1.4
Q2106,623 0.9Q2236,648 0.0Q295,401 0.8Q2438,672 0.4Q2735,666 0.7
1st Half202,3010.51st Half453,049-0.51st Half181,1680.11st Half836,518-0.11st Half1,385,2370.0
Jul36,168 1.6Jul81,332 1.3Jul32,699 2.6Jul150,199 1.7Jul259,128 2.0
Aug36,481  0.4Aug81,209  -0.5Aug32,636  0.7Aug150,326  0.0Aug256,934  0.4
Sep0  -Sep0  -Sep0  -Sep0  -Sep0 -
Q372,649 1.0Q3162,541 0.4Q365,335 1.6Q3300,525 0.8Q3516,062 1.2
3 Qs274,9500.63 Qs615,590-0.33 Qs246,5030.53 Qs1,137,0430.13 Qs1,901,2990.3
Oct0  -Oct0  -Oct0  -Oct0  -Oct0  -
Nov0  -Nov0  -Nov0  -Nov0  -Nov0  -
Dec0  -Dec0  -Dec0  -Dec0  -Dec0  -
Q40  -Q40  -Q40  -Q40  -Q40  -
2nd Half72,6491.02nd Half162,5410.42nd Half65,3351.62nd Half300,5250.82nd Half516,0621.2

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