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Table 1 - Estimated Individual Monthly Motor Vehicle Travel In The United States
2002 Individual Monthly Vehicle-Miles of Travel In Billions*
Rural Interstate20.319.723.322.925.225.327.227.122.923.922.423.6
Rural Other Arterial31.530.835.435.839.
Other Rural30.228.933.333.836.736.338.037.634.135.532.231.6
Urban Interstate31.530.233.934.136.035.635.636.333.535.133.534.0
Urban Other Arterial71.969.377.577.180.679.080.481.774.479.976.076.5
Other Urban28.327.530.631.032.331.431.932.429.931.329.731.2
All Systems213.7206.4234.0234.7249.9246.5254.3256.0231.1243.2228.4231.3
2003 Individual Monthly Vehicle-Miles of Travel In Billions *
Rural Interstate20.819.1          
Rural Other Arterial32.029.6          
Other Rural30.027.9          
Urban Interstate32.129.5          
Urban Other Arterial72.267.7          
Other Urban28.526.6          
All Systems215.5200.3          
Percent Change In Individual Monthly Travel 2002 vs. 2003
Rural Interstate2.6-3.1          
Rural Other Arterial1.6-3.8          
Other Rural-0.7-3.6          
Urban Interstate1.6-2.6          
Urban Other Arterial0.3-2.3          
Other Urban0.6-3.3          
All Systems0.8-2.9          

* System entries may not add to give "All Systems" total due to rounding.

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